Stoughton YMCA's Spinathon a Win for Kids

The Stoughton YMCA, through its Ride For Strong Kids Spinathon on Saturday, raised more than $11,000 for area youth.

For 10 hours on Saturday, more than 100 community members took part in the spinathon event, held to raise money for its “Ride for Strong Kids” campaign, a program that helps to provide financial assistance for YMCA memberships and programs, camp, and after school care to those who are in need in the community.

Ten one-hour spinning classes were held, with the stationary bikes spread out over half the YMCA’s indoor basketball court. Participants were asked to raise $100 for every hour they planned to spin.

Serah Selmon, the Health and Well-being Director at the Stoughton YMCA, said that each class averaged 15 people and the event raised approximately $11,000.

At the beginning of each spinning class a story of a child who had been a recipient of the YMCA’s goodwill was read aloud.

Watch the above video for highlights of the 1 p.m. hour of the spinathon, including an interview with Selmon, who explains the event in more detail and shares some stories that were the driving force behind creating this program.

Check out the PDF of the event’s program to see a list of the committee members and sponsors who helped to make this spinathon possible.


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