Stoughton High Cross Country Ready for First League Meet of Season

After competing in a scrimmage and in the Hockomock League Jamboree, the SHS boys' and girls' cross country teams are set to face Milford Tuesday, September 11 at Houghton's Pond.

After a late August scrimmage and the September 5 Hockomock League Jamboree, the Stoughton High cross country teams will face new Davenport Division member Milford in Stoughton's first individual meet of the fall season, September 11 at Houghton's Pond.

The SHS boys' team is led by captains Wayne Barnaby and Alec DeNapoli, while the girls' team is led by captains Kerry O'Neil and Susanna Noe.

The Hockomock Jamboree was held at Borderland State Park in Easton and consisted of a series of 1.67 mile races.

The girls team finished 6th overall out of 12 teams. In the first race senior Kerry O'Neil finished in 10:56. Amy Kelly won the second race in a time of 9:56. Carson McGrath ran the third race in 11:57.

Kelly Barros ran in the fourth race in 11:17. "This was her first race in cross country. I expect great things from this young lady in the very near future," girls' coach Bob Clarke said.

Katie Daly ran the fifth race in 12:20, with Stoughton finishing with a total time of 56:08.

Shannon Barkey, Erika Raskind, Rebekah Medina, Ariene Ohimor and Ariel Eloi ran in the open race. Meanwhile, the team's only freshman Julia Bobeck ran in the freshmen race.

On the boys' side, the top Stoughton runner was sophomore David Lockhart who ran 9:00 for 1.67 miles. DeNapoli was the next fastest for the Black Knights at 9:28. Rob Gair, Jack D'Addieco and Jason Marshall rounded out the top five. Nick Quattrucci ran the team's 6th fastest time in the freshmen race.

Others competing were Luke Butera, Sean Ellertson, John Eppenstein and Jonathan Oliveira. 

Barnaby attempted to run, boys' coach Harvey blonder said, but has been hampered by a knee injury and was forced to drop out at the mile mark.

The team's preseason scrimmage - a 5K race - was held at Houghton's Pond against Coyle-Cassidy.

Kelly finished third overall in 21:36; O'Neil finished in 22:35; McGrath finished in 24:32; Noe finished in 24:47; Daly finished in 26.33; Barkey finsihed in 26.51; Raskind finished in 28.17; Bobeck finished in 30.21; and Medina finished in 31:03. Clarke said the "star of the show" was Ariene Ohimor in her first time running this distance, finishing in 36:34.

On the boys' side, Lockhart finished in 20:04, the eighth best time for a Stoughton runner at Houghton's Pond since the team started competing there in 2007.

Kelly's time was the fifth best for a Stoughton girl at Houghton's Pond.

"With three more meets this year on the course both David [Lockhart] and Amy [Kelly] are sure to move up and Amy is now within 50 seconds of the top of the list," Blonder said.


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