Gallery: Stoughton High Boys' Indoor Track Clinches Share of Division Title; SHS Girls Edged

The Stoughton High boys' and indoor track team (4-1) beat Sharon in a meet at the Reggie Lewis Center on Jan. 14. The Stoughton girls (3-2) were edged by a single point. Check out photos from the meet in the media gallery of this article.

The Stoughton High boys' and girls' indoor track teams went up against Hockomock League Davenport Division rival Sharon Jan. 14 at the Reggie Lewis Center.

Full results from the Sharon meet are posted at the end of this recap (as posted on athletic.net). Photos from the meet are in the media gallery of this article. 


The following is from Stoughton High boys' coach Harvey Blonder:

Stoughton (4-1) defeated Sharon 54-41 to gain a share of the Davenport Division title.

David Lockhart won the mile (4:40) and the 1000-meter (2:50) - both personal bests. Malachi Baugh won the 55-meters (6.90 seconds) and the 300-meter (38.76 seconds).

Kevin McDonald won the high jump (5'6") and the long jump (19'2") and Harley David won the 55-meter hurdles (8.78 seconds).

Lockhart's mile and McDonald's long jump were both state qualifiers.

Pat Jackman came back from a week off (wisdom teeth removal) to claim a second and a third place finish.

Wayne Barnaby, Jason Marshall and Kevin Lucas all earned second place points and Shawn Connolly earned a third place finish. Jake Gibb continued his strong progress in the shot put with another personal best.

Oliver Ames, Sharon and Stoughton boys all finished with identical records.


The following is from SHS girls' coach Bob Clarke:

In a meet against Sharon the girls' track team, Stoughton (3-2) fought to the very last event before losing by 1 point, 48-47. 

Kerry O'Neil and Katie Daly doubled in the 1 mile and the 2 mile. O'Neil won the mile and Daly won the 2 mile. They both finished 1-2 in each event, scoring 8 points each.

Rachel Berkowsky won the 1000-meter setting a new personl best.

Imani David won the 300-meters; Maya Barrant won the 55-meter hurdles; Ada Monyeki was 2nd in the shot put; and Michaela Peck continues to impress.

All three high jumpers cleared (4'4") - Freshman Alyssa McGillicuddy and Michaella Henry along with senior Imani David.


SHS Boys' Results

55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals   Malachi Baugh 6.90a STOU 11
Pat Jackman 7.09a STOU 12
Harley David 7.20a STOU 12
Smeet Patel 7.51a STOU 9
300 Meters - Varsity - Finals   Malachi Baugh 38.76a STOU 11
Pat Jackman 39.66a STOU 12
600 Meters - Varsity - Finals   Jason Marshall 1:33.54a STOU 10
Sheldon Oliviera 1:35.98a STOU 12
Michael Romaine 1:36.58a STOU 12
1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals   David Lockhart 2:50.34a STOU 10
John-Paul Noe 3:04.93a STOU 10
Antonio Irons 3:08.19a STOU 10
1 Mile - Varsity - Finals   David Lockhart 4:40.85a STOU 10
Alec DeNapoli 5:10.79a STOU 11
Evan Schulze 5:38.28a STOU 10
2 Miles - Varsity - Finals   Wayne Barnaby 10:32.81a STOU 12
55m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals   Harley David 8.78a STOU 12
John Eppenstein 8.84a STOU 11
Kevin McDonald 8.90a STOU 11
Alexander Oliver 9.42a STOU 9
Relay Team 3:55.76a STOU -
Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals   Kevin Lucas 39-11.25 STOU 10
Shawn Connolly 39-09.50 STOU 12
Jack D'Addieco 39-02.00 STOU 12
Jacob Gibb 35-10.75 STOU 9
High Jump - Varsity - Finals   Kevin McDonald 5-06.00 STOU 11
Jason Marshall 5-04.00 STOU 10
Sean Perry NH STOU 9
Long Jump - Varsity - Finals   Kevin McDonald 19-02.00 STOU 11
Malachi Baugh 18-09.00 STOU 11
Pat Jackman 17-00.00 STOU 12


4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals   Relay Team 3:55.76a STOU -

SHS Girls' Results

55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals   Shelby Sprague 8.10a STOU 10
Maya Barrant 8.16a STOU 11
Brittney Joyce 8.16a STOU 11
Delaney Collins 8.58a STOU 10
300 Meters - Varsity - Finals   Imani David 46.79a STOU 12
Michaela Peck 48.38a STOU 9
Rachel Berkowsky 52.48a STOU 11
600 Meters - Varsity - Finals   Shannon Barkey 1:53.79a STOU 10
Marissa Williams 2:00.81a STOU 9
Kennelya Ellis 2:10.06a STOU 12
1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals   Rachel Berkowsky 3:23.57a STOU 11
Rebekah Medina 3:39.02a STOU 11
Julia Bobeck 3:40.39a STOU 9
1 Mile - Varsity - Finals   Kerry O'Neil 5:55.55a STOU 12
Katrina Daly 5:55.78a STOU 11
Niamh Fennessy 6:46.92a STOU 12
2 Miles - Varsity - Finals   Katrina Daly 12:51.10a STOU 11
Kerry O'Neil 12:56.52a STOU 12
55m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals   Maya Barrant 9.94a STOU 11
Shelby Sprague 10.33a STOU 10
Delaney Collins 10.82a STOU 10
Lisa Bontemps 11.16a STOU 11
4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals   Relay Team 2:01.35a STOU -
4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals   Relay Team 4:55.59a STOU -
Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals   Ada Monyeki 25-04.75 STOU 11
Megan Flaherty 23-02.50 STOU 12
Michelle Connolly 20-06.50 STOU 10
Lauren Carter 18-05.50 STOU 10
High Jump - Varsity - Finals   Alyssa McGillicuddy 4-04.00 STOU 9
Michaella Henry 4-04.00 STOU 9
Imani David 4-04.00 STOU 12
Long Jump - Varsity - Finals   Maya Barrant 13-06.50 STOU 11
Rachel Berkowsky 11-07.00 STOU 11
Shannon Barkey ND STOU 10


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