PHOTO GALLERY: Red Sox Take Stoughton Youth Baseball American League Championship

Photos from the SYB American League championship series between the Red Sox and Pirates.

The Red Sox edged the Pirates 3-2 in the third and decisive game of the Stoughton Youth Baseball American League Championship last Friday night to take home the AL crown for players aged 10-12.

With the series tied one game apiece, the Pirates had runners on first and third with two outs in the top of the sixth, and almost pushed the final game into extra innings, but the Red Sox, who had the best regular season record in the AL this season, held on for the win.

The Red Sox won 13-4 in game 1, but the Pirates came back to earn a 5-3 win in the second game of the series to force a final game in the best-of-three series.

The championship fittingly matched the two teams with the best records in the regular season (Red Sox, 16-2 and Pirates, 14-4).

The Red Sox beat the Yankees and Mets en route to the finals, while the Pirates beat the Tigers and Phillies to get to the championship round.

Check out photos from the trophy presentation and the third game of the series in the photo gallery above. Team rosters are below. Photos of the National League Championship and AA Championship will be posted in the coming days.

The 2011 American League Red Sox

Coaches: Paul Sullivan (manager), Rch Arico, James Hutchinson, Lori Hagerty (team parent) 

Michael Anderson Colin O'Neil Eric Arico Joshua Roos Jordan Asnes Jacob Sigel Kevin Dixon Alex Sjoquist Patrick Hagerty Ryan Sullivan Justin Hutchinson Andrew Tilton Andrew Iverson

The 2011 American League Pirates

Coaches: Jim Gallagher (manager), Vida Gallagher (general manager), Andrew Kellogg, Eric Olson, Tony Parmeggiani

Dylan Daniels Nico Parmeggiani Tommy Fisher Brandon Pierre Matthew Gallagher Ryan Pierre Zach Gay Niel Shah Tim Kellogg Sam Shah J.P. Olson Ross Shore


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