Black Knights Cruise in First Round of Holiday Classic

The Black Knights easily won in the first round and will now face Randolph on Friday at 7:30 p.m. at Randolph High School.

The Stoughton High boys’ basketball squad used a well-rounded, team effort to take down the Cape Cod Tech Crusaders, 95-35, in the first round of the Blue Devils Holiday Classic at Randolph High School.  

With the win, Stoughton improves to 4-0.

Junior Marcus Middleton led all scorers with 15 points, while Steffan Jackson added 14. Mauro Oliveira had 11 points, while Aaron Calixte recorded his second straight double-double which came in the form of 11 points and 11 assists.

“I thought that the kids did a good job of controlling the tempo when it started,” Stoughton head coach John Gallivan said. “They got the ball pretty well but that happens when you start out with some easy layups. The rim just seemed a little bigger than normal at times.”

The Black Knights jumped out to a 26-8 lead after the first and then a 47-18 lead at halftime. In the second half, Stoughton used the opportunity to improve in areas where things haven’t been going smoothly thus far this season. 

“Honestly, what we wanted to do was clean up some things,” Gallivan said. “We talked at halftime about playing with a lead and how you can get things out of it. We want them to take it very seriously, respect their opponents and clean up the little things and I thought we did that in the second half." 

Stoughton shot an impressive 59 percent from the field during the game. They also ran some creative alley-oop plays to Jackson and senior Antonio Ferreira, and each came away with at least one dunk.

Perhaps, however, the highlight of the night might have been Calixte’s ability to locate open teammates without looking. The junior consistently found open players all around the court, including several no look passes to Middleton under the basket.

The Black Knights allowed their bench to see plenty of action and they played the entire fourth quarter. Seniors Donald Saladin (8 points, 7 rebounds) and Raymond Bowdre (9 points) played well in the final quarter, as did sophomore Mike Gallagher (7 assists).

“I thought Mike Gallagher did a nice job of spreading the ball around,” Gallivan added. “Raymond and Donald were playing a little bit out of position because they were playing together. Usually it’s one or the other and they did a nice job adjusting. Andrew Valle and Aaron Mack, I thought they shot the ball well. 

For most successful teams, it’s important to have a deep bench as well as experience. Stoughton was about to get their bench key minutes.

“It was a good experience for them,” Gallivan said of the second unit. “They’ve been working really hard and you don’t always get rewarded for your hard work. In a game like this, you take advantage of it.”

Stoughton will play host Randolph in the championship game of the Blue Devil Holiday Classic on Friday at 7:00 p.m. 

Stephen Mack December 29, 2011 at 11:52 PM
What a great demonstration of teamwork from these boys!!!! These kids are so very fun to watch. I can't go all the way back to the 50-60's, but I can't imagine SHS ever have a backcourt that is as incredible. Forget about the Hock, they maybe the best backcourt in the state... name a better 1-2, what makes them so good, is that the both handle the ball, pass the ball, and shoot the ball.... in the past teams could double our shooter and SHS would struggle, going into any given contest teams can pick their poison. Both these kids are super fast, poised under pressure, and just juniors. Watching these two swing the ball is just artwork...and yes, the passes that Aaron thru last night were things of beauty.... With the development of "Nuke" and Stephan my goodness this team is going to do some damage in the Hock. Inside, outside, defense, speed, above the rim... these kids are so fun to watch. Going into the season I was concerned about the bench, but even it seems to be developing. (after reading above article it makes sense) I walked away and the dominant thought was how poised this team is. after falling behind last night, this team was never rattled they remained focus on the task, they soon after tied the game, and then they simple kept on stretching the lead, and never did the demeanor of the team changed. Many kids, when trailing begin to fuss and agrue, when blowing out a team they begin to "hotdog" it, they never did this. they stayed focus. We should be proud of SHS
Stephen Mack December 30, 2011 at 12:02 AM
by the Way.... Fellas, love the Orange Sneaker Crew.......
Joe Silva January 02, 2012 at 12:36 AM
what seems to confuse me is why number 30 is so deep off the bench when coming in the game the final quarter having a shocking 8 points and 7 rebounds


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