Senior Year- First Semester

Credit: Patch file photo.
Credit: Patch file photo.

The first semester of the senior year has come to an end. It is the hardest time during the senior year. All of the seniors and their parents are getting extremely worried about college deadlines or of what might come in the mail in the next few weeks. Will they get accepted or will they have to move on? Even though the first semester is a stressful and trying time, there is still much fun to be had.  

            One of the best parts of the school year, especially to a senior, is Spirit Week. Spirit Week is a whole three days to get ready for Pep Rally, Powderpuff and the annual thanksgiving game against the rival Canton Bulldogs. There is a coin drive; a food drive and clothing drive during this week. It is a week dedicated to school pride.

The three days in Spirit Week each have a certain theme to them. This year, Monday’s theme was Boston Sports day. Every student was heartened to wear a Boston sports shirt to gain a point towards their “Spirit Week Score.” The grade with the most apparel would win the event. The seniors won this day by wearing the most Boston Sports shirts in the school. The next day was class color day. This day was previously named College Shirt Day but there were complaints that the theme gave seniors an unfair advantage. For this day, each student was encouraged to wear the color that each grade was assigned. The freshmen were given yellow, sophomores were given green, juniors were given blue and the seniors were given red. The seniors also won this day. The third and final day of Spirit Week was Black & Orange Day. On this day, every student and teacher was told to wear the school colors of black and orange. Again, the seniors won the day. The themed days are not the only competitions of spirit week. The other competitions are the coin drive, the food drive, and the clothing drive. The seniors won each of these events in an overwhelming fashion. The biggest part of Spirit Week is Spirit Wall. A spirit wall is essentially a huge poster that expresses school spirit. The spirit wall must contain all clubs and sports that must be fit to a certain theme. Spirit week was an extreme victory for the senior class as we won every event.

The other part of spirit week that students and teachers look forward to is the powderpuff game. The powderpuff game is a game in which roles are reversed for boys and girls. Instead of boys playing in a football game and the girls cheerleading, the boys cheerlead and the girls play a game of flag football. The boys also have a funny dance routine during the pep rally. However, before the game and the routine, there is the TPing. The powderpuff cheerleaders and players stay up all night to cover the other sides’ houses with toilet paper. Unfortunately my house was hit badly, like it was for my sister’s year. Most parents are accepting and know it is all in good fun and games. It is a part of the senior experience. But, some parents do not want any part of the toilet paper and get offended and angry when the opposing side comes to do damage. This year, the girls team stayed at the Immaculate Conception Church and the boys showed up to toilet paper the cars. However, we were ambushed and this got out of hand. There were about 100 students running around the parking lot with toilet paper and shaving cream and other implements of destruction. Again, it was all in good fun except for the people trying to sleep who called the police to end the gathering. The game is held annually on the day before Thanksgiving. However, due to weather, the game was moved to March. This kills the mood of the game and time of year as it is a game that is supposed to go along with the Thanksgiving game against Canton. The powderpuff game, pep rally, and spirit week is one of the most excited times of the year.

Another exciting part of the year is the transition from fall to winter sports. The fall season was a fun one as the football team made it to the Southeast Championship and was one game away from playing in the Super Bowl at Gillette Stadium.  Many of the teams in winter are looking to improve, including the track team. The team has a chance to win the Davenport division. The hurdle team has a chance to sweep the first, second, and third places in each meet. They will certainly be an important part of the team. I believe the hurdle team will account for many points this year. There are no weaknesses of the team so there is a legitimate chance for a division championship.

Of course to end off the first semester there are mid-years and finals in case of a half year class. Everyone loses some of their social life as either them or their friends study non-stop to try and pass the most difficult tests of the year. Mid years and finals are yet another sign to the seniors that the time in high school is winding down.

The first part of this senior year has been a fun one. Unfortunately, some of the most memorable moments have already passed but new ones will certainly be made. There is still 5 months to make more memories with more people. Senior year is off to a flying start.  


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