Update: Water Main Break Closes Gibbons School

The Gibbons Elementary School on Morton St. is closed Friday, January 20 due to a water main break.

Students at the have a long weekend—there is no school there on Friday, January 20, according to Superintendent of Public Schools Dr. Marguerite Rizzi.

The closing is not weather related (Stoughton received 4 inches of snow overnight according to the DPW)—Dr. Rizzi said it is due to a water main break.

The Superintendent said all other schools in the district will operate on a regular schedule on Friday.

Dr. Rizzi said that at this point she anticipates the Gibbons School will reopen on Monday, January 23.

DPW officials said the break occurred at the driveway leading to the Gibbons School, closing the driveway as crews repair the water main. But, the adjacent Morton St. is not closed, according to the DPW.

JO January 22, 2012 at 06:39 PM
Fiscal Conservative, I think the reason the kids don't go out has more to do with parent complaints than teachers not wanting to go out with them. The afternoons go much smoother if students are able to go out and run off some of their energy. Nothing worse than being stuck in the building all winter. We get lots of complaints from parents that it is too cold to be outside. Crazy.
Sarah January 22, 2012 at 06:56 PM
Why on earth would it be better to move the kids to other schools' auditoriums and cafeterias for the day, where things would be in a state of controlled chaos all day with teachers trying desperately to keep kids attentions in less than ideal situations, than closing for the day and adding an extra day at some other point in time? Surely, educationally, an added day in the regular classrooms will be much more worthwhile. And, the assumption that teachers will file a grievance because of a canceled and rescheduled day is ridiculous. Give them a bit of credit. All teachers know about snow days and weather emergencies and such and expect that the school schedule is subject to some minor flexibility and change at the end of the year. I can assure you that most teachers would rather have a day rescheduled than try to teach in a crowded auditorium for 6 hours! It is amazing what people will find to complain about.
lowertaxes January 23, 2012 at 12:45 AM
Sarah, you think an added day would be better educationally. The last few weeks of school are a time when the kids learn NOTHING. Heck, in elementary school the term ends a couple of weeks before the last day so that the teachers can get the report card done before the last day. At least moving the kids for a day would teach the kids something about compromise and how to adapt to different situations. It would be an adventure to have a "different" kind of day, rather than having these kids sitting in class and extra day while all the other kids in town are on summer vacation.
Stoughton Resident January 24, 2012 at 01:28 PM
Fiscal Conservative your a joke, go and time warp back to the 70's please and give us all a break from your political rhetoric. This story doesn't need political comments. Perhaps you should move down south, like Alabama, so you can be among your own lmao!! The school system does fine, and with little or no notice to try and move 400 children to another school is rediculous. You think they would have learned anything more than they would in a given day at the end of the year with all the chaos that would have ensued with such a move. Give me a break and get real, wake up, this is not the 70's thank god.
Fiscal Conservative January 25, 2012 at 05:00 PM
Stoughton Resident: Glad I can make you laugh!!! I presented facts, not dribble. One thing we, as adults, all overlook is how the kids may have viewed this. My guess is that most would have enjoyed the opportunity to visit another school and be around some of their friends. As far as where they would be housed, yeah, the Cafeteria, Library or other vacant rooms would suffice for one day. For the most part, behavior may be improved as kids don't want to make a fool out of themselves in front of others. This could have been used as a valuable experience for them. Heck, it probably would have been a lot better learning experience than many field trips that they go on. See, we forget what its like to be a child. We forget that they like to experience new things once in a while. We forget that most of the biases and fears that children develop come from adults. Is any child born a bigot, hater, etc. No, they are learned...most likely from an adult. So, learn to lightenen up. If I made you laugh( or crack a smile), thats good. We need more of that. By the way, in your first sentence where you said "your a joke" it is spelled "you're" (a contraction for "you are". Also, it is "ridiculous" not "rediculous". Enjoy the day.


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