Substantially Separate Programs in the Stoughton Public Schools

A recent meeting of the Stoughton Special Education Parent Advisory Council discussed the substantially separate programs offered by the Stoughton Public Schools, like the Alternative Learning Center, Therapeutic Learning Center, and more.

The following was submitted to Stoughton Patch by Dr. Erdem A. Ural, School Committee member and Vice-President of SSEPAC:

In a recent public meeting of the SSEPAC (Stoughton Special Education Parent Advisory Council), Stoughton Special Education Administrator Ms. Heather Tucker described the substantially separate programs offered by the Stoughton Public Schools. The programs that were discussed included:  

  1. Alternative Learning Center (ALC)  Program-  Hansen, OMS, SHS
  2. Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC) Program-  Jones, Dawe, OMS, SHS  
  3. Learning Center (LC)/Life Skills Program -   Gibbons, OMS, SHS
  4. Language-Based Program (secondary level)-  OMS

The presentation and lively discussion included descriptions of the programs, the focus of the programs, how the programs work at different levels.  

If you missed this informative meeting, you can watch the presentation and question/answer period by streaming from the SMAC web site, using the link:

http://www.stoughtontv.com/public-gov-schedule (under the show search bar search for SSEPAC)

SSEPAC is an acronym for Stoughton Special Education Parent Advisory Group. Massachusetts Law enables SSEPAC as an advisory council to the Stoughton School Committee, and gives it a crucial responsibility for the quality of the Special Education services in Stoughton.

Additional information on the role and operation of PACs can be found at: www.doe.mass.edu/sped/pac/guidelines.pdf

SSEPAC advises the School Committee on matters pertaining to the education and safety of students with disabilities and meets regularly with school officials to participate in the planning, development, and evaluation of the Stoughton School Committee's special education programs. In return, the Stoughton School Committee assists SSEPAC in maintaining its operation and activities without charge.

SSEPAC organizes free monthly seminars or workshops discussing various aspects of special education.

SSEPAC membership is free and open to all parents of children with disabilities and other interested parties. Everyone is cordially invited to participate in the meetings. Additional information about SSEPAC or workshops may be obtained from ssepac@yahoo.com, or 781-344-9126.


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