Stoughton Schools Announce "Dollars for Stoughton Scholars" Scholarship Challenge

The scholarship challenge has a goal of raising $200,000 in scholarships for the Class of 2013 Stoughton High graduates through direct and matching donations.

Information from the "Dollars for Stoughton Scholars" brochure used in this article:

The Stoughton Schools are looking to give a nice parting gift to members of the Stoughton High Class of 2013 when they graduate this June: up to $200,000 in scholarship money.

With one generous donor on board (the Prone Family Foundation), the Schools are looking for other businesses and individuals to join and partake in a "scholarship challenge," with the goal of raising $200,000 for this year's SHS graduates.

"The greatest challenge that faces our high school graduates today is the staggering cost of their college education," the Stoughton Schools state in a scholarship brochure.

Each year many Stoughton graduates receive college scholarships from various sources.

To promote fundraising for this cause, the Stoughton School Department in partnership with the Stoughton Chamber of Commerce announces the “Dollars for Stoughton Scholars” scholarship challenge with a goal of raising $200,000 in scholarships for the Class of 2013 Stoughton High graduates through direct and matching donations.

The Prone Family Foundation will match all donations, dollar for dollar, up to $100,000, for every scholarship granted to graduating high school seniors.

"This is a great opportunity to leverage donations from all town-wide businesses as well as individual donors," the brochure states.

Donors - both businesses and individuals - will be able to name the scholarship, decide the particular demographics of the recipient and specify the qualifications of the recipient.

With the Prone Family Foundation matching donations, dollar for dollar, this means a $500 donation becomes a $1,000 scholarship.

The Prone Family Foundation was the creation of Joseph G. Prone of Lawrence, Massachusetts. He was a 1954 graduate of Harvard Law School, retired Colonel of the USA Army reserves, and an avid proponent of higher education. The Foundation has supported a number of causes in town.

Donations for this scholarship challenge can be sent to:

Dollars for Stoughton Scholars, c/o Stoughton Public Schools Office of the Superintendent, 232 Pearl Street Stoughton, MA 02072

If you have any questions, call Superintendent of Schools Dr. Maggie Rizzi (781-344-4000 x1232) or School Committee member Dr. Erdem A Ural (781-818-4114).

For further information, refer to the brochure posted in the media gallery.


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