Stoughton School Committee to Stoughton Teachers: Let's Have an Open Meeting

The Stoughton School Committee is asking the Stoughton Teachers Association to make their next contract negotiating meeting an open meeting, allowing teachers and the public to attend, according to chairman Joyce Husseini. The two groups are scheduled to meet Monday, Jan. 27, at 6 p.m. in their next negotiating session.

The Stoughton Teachers Association president Andrea Pires had asked to have the entire school committee involved in the negotiating session to make sure the board was fully informed of the negotiations.

"The committee has asked me to extend an invitation to Andrea Pires, president of the STA to make the Jan. 27 negotiating meeting an open meeting so that not only will the school committee be able to hear the offers, but the full membership of the STA (the teachers) and the public can be present as well," wrote Husseini in an email.  "I have extended this invitation to Ms. Pires and am waiting to hear her response by the end of the school day tomorrow (Jan. 23). This would allow us sufficient time to post this as required under Open Meeting Law.  If they do agree to an open meeting, I will follow up with an announcement tomorrow (Thursday) evening. "

DJ January 24, 2014 at 11:50 AM
So what's the update? Sad so many of you are always negative. You really think that helps?
Sarah January 24, 2014 at 03:38 PM
DJ, the update is that the STA refused an open meeting. In response, the SC stated that if the meeting is not open to all, then only their negotiating team (Husseini and Dolinksey) will meet with only the STA negotitating team. No open meeting and no non-negotiators present for either side. All the public nonsense needs to end, on both sides, and they need to sit down and hash out a mature, fair, and sustainable contract. Enough already!
Stoughton Parent January 24, 2014 at 04:49 PM
as the parent of a 2014 grad that sounds fine. however as i hear it the HS has already lost well over $100k in scholarships for this yr. I will now have 2 in college and have no idea how I'm paying for them. this public nonsense does have to stop along with the hate.
DJ January 24, 2014 at 07:58 PM
Thank you for the update Sara. I personally believe this was a missed opportunity for the STA. If there wasn't such disparity and apparent lack of respect I wouldn't feel this was needed, but given the turmoil and constant rants from both sides and because there is a SC member throwing fuel on the fire at every turn, a public forum would be a refreshing opportunity to hear the perspectives of each side and the opportunity to learn the oppositions arguments for and against. I often read seemingly valid and reasonable positions on these forums, then learn At a later date why the justification to oppose or affirm included facts and information not always understood or known from the Monday night quarterbacks on line. I'd love to learn why the STA declined because I cant fathom a single positive impact it will have on their endeavor to increase public trust and support for a contract they hope to ratify. Lastly, I would also like to learn why only two SC members are on the negotiation team?
Joe Gorman January 25, 2014 at 08:59 AM
dj,please don't call it negative,call it search for truth,don't you want it? I believe that is what should prevail,and municipal unions are dismantling our right to keep government honest, by not having open negs.I just read this am paper,the new mayor of Brockton is calling for a civilian police commissioner,salary?149k I believe that is 1k less than our police chief,and stoughton is a small fraction of the size of Brockton,Like I said people outta pay attention to what's going on.My retired lawyer friend said it right,municipal unions are running our government,is that the way it's supposed to be,I predict one business to close every month on average in our town,and don't forget about the many people who are out of work,it's all relative,so much money is wasted and that's negative ,you better believe it's negative,in truth it's DISGUSTING,IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR IT MEANS THAT YOU WILL GO UNDER,which they are sadly,one by one.I recommend alternative media and I recommend studying the federal reserve.Thankyou.


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