Stoughton School Committee to Discuss Status of STA Lawsuit Tuesday

The committee will meet at 7 p.m. on Tuesday at the Stoughton High School TV studio.

The Stoughton School Committee meets Tuesday night, and among this week's agenda items will be a discussion of the recent class-action lawsuit filed against the town by the Stoughton Teachers Association. 

Earlier this month, the STA filed a class-action lawsuit against the town of Stoughton and the School Committee for non-payment of wages, claiming that a withholding of step increases is in violation of the state's General Laws. 

The lawsuit names the town of Stoughton, the Stoughton School Committee, Stoughton Superintendent Marguerite Rizzi and Town Manager Michael Hartman as defendants.

The full agenda for Tuesday's meeting, which can also be found here, is as follows: 

Agenda: Stoughton School Committee

  1. Stoughton Public Library Teen Summer Reading Video Award 
  2. Stoughton High School Student Representatives – Leslie Camilo and Adam Potter 
  3. Public Comments 
  4. Stoughton High School Lacrosse Program 
  5. Stoughton Teachers Association (STA) 
  6. School Committee Attorneys 
  7. Status of Unfair Labor Practice Complaints 
  8. Status of STA Class Action Suit against the Town of Stoughton 
  9. Unit A Collective Bargaining Update 
  10. FY 14 Budget 
  11. FY 15 Budget 
  12. Decision to Administer PARCC or MCAS for 2015 
  13. Administration’s duty to inform school committee with accurate and complete information 
  14. Superintendent Evaluation - Superintendent’s Self-Assessment 
  15. Correspondence 
  16. Other Matters 
  17. Executive Session 
  18. To discuss strategy with respect to litigation on STA et al vs. Town of Stoughton et al. 
  19. Financial Warrants 
  20. Next Regular Meeting – June 24, 2014
    Next Special Meeting – June 18, 2014
Fiscal Conservative June 17, 2014 at 12:05 PM
Since the last new sport started at the high school (Volleyball) was not completely funded by the School Department for its first 2 years (Volleyball had to raise $12,000 and $6,000 each of the first two years), I certainly hope that the LAX programs would have to do the same for BOTH a boys and girls program. If the School Department doesn't do the same, it will have discriminated against this one program. Also, a Freshman coach was never funded, the varsity coach also coached the Freshman team for no compensation. The LAX program should experience the same growing pains as Volleyball did. This should hold true, in the future, for any new program that comes into existence. This is to include all extra curricula activities. Make sure there is a lasting interest before fully funding a program. This way funds are not wasted on purchasing equipment for a short term program. Tax payers deserve to have their money utilized properly and to the fullest, unlike past practice.


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