Stoughton's Staples a Star On the Field, In the Classroom at Fontbonne Academy

Stoughton resident Caroline Staples is an accomplished student-athlete at Fontbonne Academy in Milton.

The following was submitted by Fontbonne Academy:

Caroline Staples of Stoughton, an athlete through and through, is the last of a long line of women in her family to attend Fontbonne Academy, a private secondary school for young women located in Milton, sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston.

Preceded by her two sisters, Priscilla ’06 and Kelly ’11, Caroline, a senior, is the third and last daughter of Tom and Priscilla Orpin Staples.  In addition to her mother, Caroline has two aunts who also attended Fontbonne Academy in the 1970s, Jean Orpin Santor, and Susan Orpin. 

Throughout Caroline’s athletic career at Fontbonne she has reached great heights.  She has played varsity soccer and varsity softball each of her four years, was captain of the softball team last year, and is captain of both soccer and softball this year. 

Additionally, she has received an astounding four coaches’ awards during her high school years.  She plans to bring her talents to the college level, where Caroline intends to play softball.

As an athlete, Caroline knows how hard sports can be on the body.  In fact, after two years on the junior varsity basketball team she had to stop because the lateral movement of the sport was hurting her knees. 

As the catcher on the softball team, Caroline needed to take action.  She successfully addressed her knee issues with physical therapy and that experience has inspired her to pursue physical therapy as a course of study in college.  She has applied early action to many liberal arts colleges that have strong physical therapy programs, which are generally six-year programs.

In addition to her athleticism, Caroline is also among Fontbonne’s brightest, inducted into the National Honor Society and Spanish National Honor Society her junior year.  She is also the Vice President of Fontbonne’s Student Council.

Reflecting back upon her years at Fontbonne, Caroline says, “Fontbonne has been my home away from home for the longest time.  I can’t remember not being a part of the community.  It is so welcoming and warm and the academics are top notch—my sisters both did really well in college.  The sports here are all state tournament level, and if it’s a year they aren’t, it’s simply because they are rebuilding that year.  I remember coming to Fontbonne right before freshman year to play soccer, and I met my best friends that very first day on the soccer field.”


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