Gallery: Stoughton's Got Talent (2013)

Stoughton students recently took to the stage for the "Stoughton's Got Talent" competition. Madison Peck was the winner in the junior category and Jack D'Addieco won the senior category. Check out photo/video highlights from the show

Article by Mike Carroll; photos and video by Stoughton Patch editor Jeffrey Pickette


Some of Stoughton's finest performers got to show off thier talents April 12 when the Stoughton Public Schools Music Department and Parents of Performing Students (POPS) sponsored the first ever "Stoughton's Got Talent" talent show at the Stoughton High auditorium. 

Twenty-two acts took to the stage singing, dancing, playing instruments, doing karate or gymnastics routines.  

The Junior category placers were Madison Peck (1st), Janae Beauliere (2nd), and Mirabella DeMarino (3rd). The senior catergory was the winner of the Mr. SHS pageant, Jack D'Addieco (1st), Michaela, Briana and Daniel Sullivan (2nd), the band Catch-22 (3rd) and David Elmowitz (4th). 

A panel of judges - O'Donnell Middle School principal Matt Colantonio, South School principal Maureen Mulvey, Stoughton Schools special education administrator Carolan Sampson, Stoughton Music Center owner Robert Tarchara and Stoughton Patch columnist Mark Snyder - decided the winners, who were awarded cash prizes. Ariene Ohimor and Dan Block were the hosts. 

The night started off with impressive gymnast feats by Jayden Barrant. Then Deonte Dumas and Ryan Gigarjian performed a rap/acapella with some impressive rhymes and a rad chorus. Angel Camilo came out onto stage with great "dramatic facial expressions" and a turquoise guitar and voice that the audience loved.

Katherine and Michaela Scabia sang a song with such genuine emotion and feeling it left the audience in awe. William Phillips sang a beautiful and classical song acapella.

The Sullivan family (Michaela, Brianna and Daniel) danced Irish step and they were mesmerizing as thier feet clicked and clacked against the stage floor. But, the real show-stealer was Daniel, a kindergartener with a sparkling green tie and vest, who kept up amazingly with his sisters. When asked what he would do with the prize money if he won, he declared he would "buy a hundred stuff." The Sullivan family took 2nd in the senior category.

Madison Peck sang a selection from the musical Les Miserables. She captivated the whole audience and took home 1st place in the junior category. 

Elianna McDowell and Alexis DePina danced to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" in bright neon clothing. The girl's style captured everyones attention. Jasmin Veerapen brought a whole bunch of class onto the stage as she played on the piano with a sparkling red dress and captivated the audience.

David Elmowitz's glow-in the dark drumming performance lit up the room with thunder and lightning. Elmowitz glowed and bashed his drumsticks against the radioactive drums. Elmowitz took 4th in the senior catergory.

Act 2 started with the same intensity as Act 1, with the band Catch-22 - consisting of Antonio Irons (guitar), Katherine and Matt Scabia (vocals) Brandon Curran (keyboard and guitar) Calvin Nguyen (drums) and Ava Siegel (bass) - performing "Pumped-up Kicks." The amazing feats on keyboard, guitar and drums along with the Scabia sibling's vocals blew the audience away and took 3rd place in the senior category.

Joshua Joseph was a little guy who walked out onto stage with a big pink sweatshirt and performed a break dancing routine all over the stage. He was definetly a talent worth being on that stage. Janelle Gibson put heartfelt emotion into her performance of Adele's "Someone Like You."

Janae Beauliere sang with unbelievable power and soul as she covered a song by Rihanna. She "would have made Rihanna proud," as one of the judges said. Beauliere took 2nd place in the junior category.

As Mirabella DeMarino stepped on stage the audience could feel the vast and big personality and her dance moves only reinforced this feeling. She danced with a confidence that won her 3rd place in the junior catergory.

"Fearless," Samantha Roane was strumming away at her acoustic guitar and reminded the audience of Taylor Swift herself. Kira Bean played a fun piano piece and impressed the judges and the audience alike. Then, Natasha McLeod danced beautifully and majestically across the stage.

In the end, Mr. SHS 2013, Jack D'Addieco sang and played the paino; he had the whole room singing "Hey Jude" and took 1st place in the senior catergory. The judges and the audience agreed that you "can't go wrong with The Beatles." 

janae beauliere May 03, 2013 at 12:01 AM
That was the best day ever! I had fun performing Rihanna's song <3 thank you! -Janae Beauliere


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