Stoughton High Students Tackle Water Conservation as Part of Art Exhibit on Display at Public Library

The artwork of Stoughton High students is part of a Neponset River Watershed Association Water Conservation exhibit at the Stoughton Public Library. The art will be displayed through January.

The following is adapted from a press release from the Neponset River Watershed Association:

The next time you visit the Stoughton Public Library, take a peek at the paintings hanging in the second floor gallery space.

“Water Water Everywhere” is the theme of the art exhibit, which was created by students in Stoughton High School’s Art 1 class, in response to a visit by the Neponset River Watershed Association’s Water Conservation Coordinator Nancy Fyler.

As part of the Stoughton Water Conservation Program, Mrs. Fyler met with students in SHS teacher Alyssa Dancey's art class, and presented information about the water infrastructure of Stoughton; problems facing water supplies and the environment; and ways to conserve water.  

The students were then challenged to create a work of art that would help convey the message about the importance of water conservation.

Students used canvas to create mixed media projects that incorporated paint, yarn, beads, plastic, food and magazine pictures. Some students chose to depict the effects of pollution, while others focused on the importance of water conservation.

In the exhibit, you will find many interpretations of water, but regardless of the artistic expression, the message is the same – conserving water is important and it’s up to us to keep our water safe for future generations (see some sample works are featured in the media gallery of this article).

Students to participate include:

Zeeshan Amanat (grade 10); Keyla Beech-Ayuso (9); Devlin Carroll (9); Ben DeCelle (10); Tia Diaz (10); Samantha Doherty (10); Joy Liu (12); Eric Marco (10); Marlene Perdigao (12); Karina Roca (10); Tim Scabia (11); Douglas Seaman (9); Jean-Marc Thelussaint (9); Diep Tran (12).


For more information about the Stoughton Water Conservation Program, please call the Stoughton Water and Sewer Department at 781-344-2112. Find out more about the Neponset River Watershed Association by visiting www.neponset.org


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