Stoughton High Marching Band Looks to Strike Gold in 2012

The Stoughton High Marching Band and Color Guard has its first competition of the 2012 season Sept. 29 in Melrose.

The award-winning Stoughton High School Marching Band has high expectations heading into competition season. Led by new music teacher Mr. John Mange, the Marching Knights will look to regain their title from a couple of years ago, as the best Marching Band in the state.

Mr. Mange talked to us about his goals and expectations heading into the new season:

"At the end of the first week of band camp, we sat down as a group and brainstormed a list of goals for the season together," Mange said.

"I am very pleased with the goals that the band members suggested - some of my favorites were 'developing pride'; 'improving after each show'; 'being consistent and focused'; and 'producing a competitive result.' I believe that if we all work together to achieve our objectives, we will have a very successful and rewarding season."

The Drum Majors for the up coming season are seniors Dan Block and Igor Pryadko as well as junior Darlene Irons. Color Guard captains are Nicole Sellitto and Samantha Souto.

Mange discussed the leadership that his Drum Majors bring to the team: " Dan, Igor, and Darlene are an excellent group of Drum Majors. They are always leading the band by example, helping prepare for rehearsal and staying late to make sure everything is cleaned up afterwards. They are always on the ball when we need them and they are great at filling in all the cracks so that the organization can function smoothly."

Every year the band picks a new theme to which the music and visual center around. The band is working hard in order to get the routine down for the season, which is quickly approaching.

"From the beginning, the band has been very focused on the tasks at hand and it's been a pleasure getting to know them as we learn all of our music and marching maneuvers." Mange said as he praised the effort of his band.

"The focus of our season is not necessarily 'winning competitions' per se (although that would be great): rather, we are constantly trying to push ourselves to our personal limits, growing as individuals and as musicians. I am very excited about our potential to create a compelling musical and visual performance for all of our audiences."

The band and color guard performed at halftime of last week's football home opener, but the Knights' first official competition will take place Saturday, Sept. 29 at Melrose High School.


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