Stoughton High Drama Club's Fall Play Commemorates Children in the Holocaust

Stoughton High students will present its fall production, "And a Child Shall Lead," a play about children living in a concentration camp during the Holocaust, November 16-18 at the SHS auditorium.

The Stoughton High School Drama Club is gearing up to present its fall play "And a Child Shall Lead" by Michael Slade.

The play is about children living in Terezin concentration camp located in the Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic) during the Holocaust. The children, who instead of trying to escape, write a newspaper and become involved with various forms of art as a way to maintain innocence and stay alive.

The SHS students have been working strenuously since the beginning of school to be able to present this play to the Stoughton community.

The play, directed by Megan DeSimone and Kasey Sheehan, will be showing this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 16-18 at the SHS auditorium.

Show times will be:

  • Friday, November 16 at 7 p.m.
  • Saturday, November 17 at 7 p.m.
  • Sunday matinee will take place November 18 at 2 p.m.

Some of the hard working students in the play include Caroline Cusack, Katherine Scabia, Jake Roher, Jackie Housman, Olivia Quattrucci, DanFountain, Sam Langmead, Sierra Watson, Alexa Luppino, Madison Rosbach, Jacob Casey, Caitlyn Cote, Yasmin Lopez, Daniella Vieira, KristinMauriello,  Sam Delosh and Courtney Lowell.

Quattrucci talked about what she hopes the audience takes away from the play.

"We want to paint a historical picture about not only what the children faced but also what the people did to try and help blind them from the situation with education and music," Quattrucci said.

Cusack talked about the drama club performing a play with a more serious subject matter than in years past.

"We want people to recognize us as not only doing comedy," Cusack said. "We are expanding our horizons and instead of a musical or comedy we are doing
a serious play about one of the worst historical events of all time. It is certainly a step forward for [the drama club] as a whole."

The play is approximately an hour and a half with intermission. General admission will cost $8 while students and children 12 and under can
purchase tickets for $5.


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