South School Students in Stoughton Create Literary Genre Poster Museum

The genre posters served as a way to increase student awareness and understanding of the various literary genres.

The following was submitted by the South Elementary School:

Students at the South Elementary School in Stoughton recently participated in creating and visiting a Genre Poster Museum. 

As part of the South School MCAS Action Plan for ELA, teachers included the idea of creating genre posters as a way of increasing student awareness and understanding of the various literature genres.  The posters were started on Friday, Dec. 21, 2012 and finished after the new year. 

The Literacy Leadership Team of teachers accepted donated 4 ft. x 8 ft. sheets of foam board to display the posters in a faux museum.  Our thanks to Steve Kramer of Camp Westwoods for the donation. The boards  lined the walls of the gym.  

On Thursday, Jan. 24, each class came to the gym to view the student created genre poster museum.  It was a much anticipated event during which students completed a scavenger hunt answering various questions about the genres.

Third graders were interviewed and asked "Which genre was their favorite and why?"

Elke said,  "Mythology because my mom is sharing mythology stories with me that she enjoyed as a child."

Taye loved the poetry because "We read and write poetry on Fridays in our class."

"Fantasy," said Colleen, "because characters are different and interesting."

First grader Katrina said that "Ashley, Selena and Angelina made a creative poster."


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