Rental Fees Raise in Stoughton Schools

Stoughton High School
Stoughton High School
If you are going to rent the Stoughton schools, it is going to cost you more once your permit runs out.

The school committee voted by 4-0 vote to increase the custodial fee from $34-$38 an hour. For not showing up after renting, the fee will be $76 regular and $100 for holiday rentals. 

Committee member George Dolinsky didn't vote, because of his involvement in STOYAC, which rents the schools for athletic activities. STOYAC is the largest renter of the Stoughton schools.

This was first time in at least five years that the fees had been raised. Joel Harding, the Stoughton's director of maintenance and operations said school fee offsets the cost of having janitors there and the schools don't make money off the rentals.

STOYAC president Bob Evangelista asked if his organization could avoid absorbing the increase. His participation is down and it would mean a price increase. He did thank the committee for allowing it to stay at current rate until the permit runs out.


Dr. Erdem A. Ural December 12, 2013 at 08:55 PM
STOYAC certainly provides a valuable service for fee to Stoughton youth. In order to use the school facilities, STOYAC pays non-profit user fees and custodial charges. For example, the fee STOYAC pays for using the Middle School Gym has been $60.50 per hour for the past five years. This number still remains unchanged. Next year, the fee for the custodian use will go up from $34 to $38 per hour, to reflect the increase of labor costs over the past five years. So the increase for the Middle School Gym use will amount to a total of 4% over the past five years. STOYAC is a financially strong organization, which collects registration fees and relies on volunteer labor for coaching and other services. STOYAC revenues last year were $180,138, up $14,147 from the year before. Its savings and temporary cash investments at the end of 2012 were $101,063, up $25,352 from the year before. Mr. Evangelista stated STOYAC paid $45,000 to Stoughton Schools last year. Last year, STOYAC also paid $41,107 to its officials and referees. The numbers quoted above demonstrate that STOYAC can certainly absorb this minor cost increase in the school facility use.
SJP December 12, 2013 at 09:20 PM
Erdem, don't forget about the $10,000.00 dollar donation they turned down and never told a soul about either, that would pay alot of fees.


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