Photo Gallery: Books Before Bed at the West School

Students came to school in their pajamas on Dec. 1 and listened as their teachers and their parents read them stories.

Wearing pajamas to school is normally frowned upon, but on Dec. 1 students at the were encouraged to don their PJs.

More than 100 students came to the , along with their parents, last Thursday evening for the school’s first “Books Before Bed” program.

teachers and staff (also dressed in their pajamas) read to the students and then parents read to their children and vice versa.

“We wanted to get families together reading at night,” West School reading teacher Amy Thomsen said.

“It doesn’t matter what age they are, reading aloud to kids fosters a love of reading,” West School reading teacher Laurie Higgins said.

Teresa Schwarz, an English as a Second Language coordinator for the schools, read a book in both English and Portuguese to students in one of the classrooms.

West School staff also wanted to use the event as an opportunity to have parents learn some strategies for choosing books and reading aloud to their children. The school handed out bookmarks with tips for reading aloud (posted in the media gallery).

Each child received a book to take home at the end of the event as well.


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