New Schedule for Stoughton High School

Stoughton High during a recent snow storm.
Stoughton High during a recent snow storm.
Stoughton High School is going to an eight day, rotating class schedule next year. In the cycle, students will have days of eight periods with 42 minutes, and then days of four periods with 90-minutes classes.

"I'm excited about it," said Stoughton High principal Juliette Miller. "It allows for more time for professional collaboration. That's something the (teachers) are really excited about."

The state require schools for offer 990 minutes of instruction per year. Stoughton students will be receiving more than that amount each years. It also allows for more flexibility in case of snow days or school cancellations.

"We make 1,006," said Miller, "(so) we are over it."

Students will be able to achieve 40 credits a semester or 80 per year with the new schedule and can graduate with 160 credits, instead of the usual 120 credits.

Class time will go to 42 minutes a day in the eight period day and to 90 minutes in the four-period day.

Miller said the new schedule allows students to have more options for classes.

"They were forced to make tough choices," said the principal.

Pathway classes, except for the labs for academic support, are being eliminated.


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