Calixte Explains Decision to Leave Stoughton High for Prep School

Boys' basketball star Aaron Calixte informed his SHS basketball coach, John Gallivan, that he will be transferring to Lee Academy in Maine. In a one-on-one interview, Calixte expressed faith in his now former teammates being able to succeed without him.

Although ex-Stoughton High boys' basketball captain reign at the school will end after his junior season, the memories and legacy the now attendee of Lee Academy (located in Lee, Maine) leaves behind will last a lifetime for his former classmates and the Stoughton High community.

Calixte, who started at point guard all three years of his Stoughton career, led his Black Knights to the MIAA state tournament every year, including a trip to the TD Garden this past season where the Black Knights fell just short to Brighton in the .

Stoughton High coach John Gallivan , a prep school in rural Maine.

Calixte will reclassify and join the class of 2014.

Those who knew Calixte on a personal level would be able to rave about his down to earth personality and his ability to get along well with just about anyone. The 1,000 point scorer's personality and the way he carries himself is just as amazing as his skills on the basketball court.

The decision for Calixte to was not an easy one.

Calixte described his decision as, "Extremely tough. I really could not imagine myself not graduating with my class, and all of my friends I have made in Stoughton. That's the toughest part, leaving all of the people I've spent these last three years with."

Between Stoughton and other prep schools, Calixte had many different possible landing spots for the 2012-2013 season.

The choice seemed very logical to Calixte who stated, "I chose [to attend Lee Academy] because it's not somewhere I'm familiar with. I am starting new here, there is not much to do, and no distractions from basketball. I also have one of my AAU teammates who goes there as well so I will have somebody to help get me settled in."

The choice to go from public high school to prep school, directly affects the college stock of a recruit. Calixte will look to even further impress the scouts and obtain a college scholarship.

Calixte was very humble when talking about his college goals, "I want to attend a four year college and above everything get a degree. If I'm lucky, and if everything goes right I hope to also play college basketball. It would be great to play college ball, but my education is most important to me."

Calixte's time at will not soon be forgotten by the Stoughton community as a whole. Calixte is the only junior to surpass in school history, and is just the 13th boy or girl at SHS to reach the milestone overall.

His accomplishments have helped to unite a town during Stoughton's 2012 playoff run in the MIAA tournament. Stoughton is a place that will always be near and dear to Calixte's heart.

"These last three years have been the time of my life. I had a great three years. I met a lot of positive people and a lot of people who wanted the best for me. I cannot truly express my appreciation for these people. I wouldn't change the last three years at Stoughton for anything," he said.

The team will now look to move forward and have a successful season without its award winning point guard. Calixte's impact on the court can never be completely matched but Stoughton will look to duplicate the success without him.

Calixte still thinks Stoughton will be a very competitive team without him. "They will do just fine. Coach Galv [John Gallivan] is a great coach so I know he will make the proper adjustments to have another successful season without me," he said.

While of Calixte's promising career, another journey is just beginning for the Black Knight at heart. No matter what colors Calixte wears in the future, the town of Stoughton will always embrace him as one of its own.

"I will always be a Black Knight at heart and I will be checking in on the team as much as I can," Calixte said. "I believe they can make a return trip to the Garden."

Alison Brown July 24, 2012 at 02:13 AM
Nice story Josh, Good Luck Aaron we know you'll do great.
Stephen Mack July 24, 2012 at 10:31 AM
Like the entire Stoughton Athletic community yesterday was a bit of jaw dropper, but understanding the skill level of Aaron it makes complete sense for him, and his family to choose this path, and the Mack Family certainly wishes him nothing but success, and God's blessings as he moves forward...we've had the priviledge of getting to know him from various coaching positions in Pop Warner Football, or Travel Basketball, and occasionally at the YMCA when he would "school" me on the finer points of a long range three pointer, as the above article mentions I'v always been impressed with his very humble nature, with him it's always been about team. and that smile, the smile we've all grown to love in this town for the last 8-9 years. Very rarely would one see Aaron without his home grown smile, very rarely would our paths cross, where he would not initiate the stretched out hand, that very welcoming smile, that very confident, and proud eye to eye contact that clear, audible "hello Mr. Mack".....(so rare in our young people today). when it comes to the sports side of life, yep....gonna miss him alot...can't tell you how much I personally will miss watching him do his thing in the Black and Orange...since they were all real young, it's been an dream of mine to watch Aaron C, Marcus Middleton, Aaron Mack to finish their High School careers together...I have felt all along, I looked so forward to them getting to SHS, and so looked forward to them being together...yep, will miss.
DJ July 24, 2012 at 03:34 PM
"I want to attend a four year college and above everything get a degree. If I'm lucky, and if everything goes right I hope to also play college basketball. It would be great to play college ball, but my education is most important to me." There is a kid who has his head on straight and priorities in order. Best of luck to him.


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