Adam Kenney: Class of 2011 is a "Wolf Pack"

Class of 2011 Student Council President Adam Kenney's Graduation speech.

Editor's Note: The following is the text of the speech delivered by Adam Kenney, President of the SHS Student Council, at the Stoughton High Graduation on June 2.

Over the next few days, Stoughton Patch will be publishing the speeches and accompanying video footage of all five student speakers at and , as well as Principal Matt Colantonio's remarks at Graduation.

This is the fourth in a series of six. Read the speech or follow along while watching the video in the media gallery.


Family, friends, distinguished guests, and of course, Class of 2011:

Hello…How about that ride in? I guess that’s why they call it Sin City…Haha.

You guys might not know this but I consider myself a bit of a loner. I tend to think of myself as a one man wolf pack. But four years ago, when I was introduced to the Class of 2011, I thought, wait a second could it be? And now I know for sure, I just added all of you guys to my wolf pack. All of us wolves, running around together, in Stoughton, looking to make memories. So today, I make a toast…

After today, our wolf pack will begin a new adventure. Just like four years ago, we will start a journey paved by many different paths to choose from. Every person has a different beginning and end, but we have all crossed the same path, here at Stoughton High.

As freshman, we entered the cafeteria doors to a whole new environment, filled with new faces, new classes, and new opportunities. Over the following few years, we found our place in the wolf pack. Some found it in athletics, student government, or DECA while others joined the music department, construction challenge, and the other various clubs that the school had to offer.

Regardless of what clubs or teams we were a part of, we always remained a strong wolf pack. As we look back at the moments that we’ve shared together, some memories will resonate more than others. For instance, everyone had a part in spirit week. The Class of 2011 dominated in majority of competition. The girl’s powderpuff team fought hard in their game while the boys gave the cheerleading performance of a lifetime. On Thanksgiving Day, the football team continued the tradition and laid the hammer, beating Canton 26 to 6. That week was bittersweet; we had a lot of fun and became closer as a class but it also marked the last spirit week we would ever participate in and the last time we would hear Coach Burke’s famous speech, always ending in “Us, We, Together, Forever.”

As we embark on our new quest, let us not forget what we have accomplished over these past four years. One of us maintained the position of fourth in the nation for Hurdles while someone else scored over one thousand points in basketball. Another one of us created the infamous Wolf Shirt Wednesday and someone placed top 20 in the world for DECA Competition. Recently, one of us even was able to have the police called on him for staking out someone’s house with a purple and yellow squirt gun during our brief game of Senior Assassination.

Our wolf pack is made up of varsity athletes, artists, musicians, superfans, and dodgeball tournament heroes. We are the future doctors, lawyers, Chefs, CEOs, and entrepreneurs of this world. The Class of 2011 is not defined by one single person or one single action, but all of our actions and all of our accomplishments.

Now, we must say goodbye to the friends we’ve made, the teachers that motivated us, and the coaches, advisors, and club leaders that inspired us.

When you walk up on stage to receive your diploma, think of the teachers, friends, and family that helped you to reach this point in your life.

To my mom and dad, you always pushed me to do my best. Mom, you always said that the best gift you can ever give me is an education. Well, here I am, moments from graduating and I owe it all to you.  I love you guys very much.

To my friends, we have made so many memories over the years. I am going to miss our ultimate Frisbee games, hanging out on the weekends, and of course, breakfast with the bros. You guys truly are my family.

To my wolf pack, we made it through these four years together. Every single person played a part in our success at Stoughton High School.

I will end this speech with a quote from a song that is near and dear to all of us. It goes “You don’t want no Black Knights, you better act right” Congratulations Class of 2011, we did it.


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