Stoughton's Greg Goldberg is Active at Fire Department and Around Town

This is another installment in what will be a weekly spotlight of different Town of Stoughton employees. This week, meet Greg Goldberg of the Stoughton Fire Department.

Editor's Note: Each week Stoughton Patch will be shining a spotlight on a dedicated town employee whose hard work contributes to the continued betterment of our community.

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Greg Goldberg - Lieutenant and Acting Captain,

As a 17-year veteran of the SFD, Greg Goldberg plays a vital role within the Stoughton Fire Department.  However, the countless organizations for which he volunteers would probably argue that he is an even greater asset to the entire Stoughton Community. 

“The town of Stoughton and especially the Stoughton Fire Department are very fortunate to have such a dedicated individual, whose honesty and integrity are among his finest qualities and as we all know are highly sought after traits in today’s world,” Acting Fire Chief Mark Dolloff said.

The Goldberg Family, Greg, and Joanne, his wife of 23 years (who, by the way, were also high school sweethearts, SHS Class of ’84), returned to Stoughton in 1994. 

Since then they have been active in their community when they are not busy raising their five children—Justin who is 21 and a per diem Stoughton Fire Dispatcher while actively pursuing his own firefighting career, Matt who will be 20 on August 18, Daniel, 15, and their 10-year-old twins, Jack and Jenna. 

Best Word To Describe My Job…


I don’t do this job to be formally recognized.  The job itself is rewarding enough and while I would never expect any one to thank me for doing my job, it always amazes me when someone does take the time to drop off a thank you note or an anonymous plate of cookies. 

They do not have to do that but the fact that they do is best recognition I could ever receive!

This Position Is Right For Me…

Public Service was in my genes.

(Rather than following the law enforcement path of his grandfather, a Massachusetts State Trooper and later a Canton Police Officer, Goldberg gravitated to firefighting. But, considering that his grandfather was also a volunteer firefighter, the apple clearly did not fall far from the tree.)

Best Call I Ever Went On…

Two actually come to mind. 

Once I delivered a baby in a woman’s living room, which was pretty cool.  (Like any smart man, Goldberg gave proper credit to the mother, saying that she truly delivered the baby, and added jokingly that he merely “caught the baby.”)

The other memorable call was the first time I used the defibrillator.  The patient had suffered cardiac arrest and we were able to bring him back. And as far as I know he is still alive to this day.

Worst Call I Ever Went On…

The box alarm on Rose Street was truly a firefighter’s worst nightmare.  It was the fire in which perished. 

Sadly, I can remember the night like it was yesterday.  I was at home when I heard the alarm on my pager and Jeff Ledin (who is not only a fellow firefighter but also Goldberg’s neighbor) and I rushed to the scene together. 

It was a for everyone, a true tragedy.

When I Am Not At The Firehouse…

I spend a great deal of time coaching and volunteering.  I have coached Pop Warner, STOYAC Basketball, Stoughton Little League and Babe Ruth baseball.  I am also a Merit Badge Counselor for the Boy Scouts Troop #516. 

Right now my primary focus is Youth Flag Football.  It is a fantastic program that Paul Concannon was the “brain child” of back in 1999.  While, I am currently the President it is the Board who truly does so much. 

The great thing about it is that it affords kids a “no pressure” atmosphere. Since there is no [professional] flag football league, there are no underlying life-long aspirations, it is about getting a football in your hand and having a good time—not about being perfect and getting a scholarship. 

We are busy registering kids now, both boys and girls, and the season kicks off on September 3. Games are every Saturday with the exception of October 8. I am really looking forward to another season.

To learn more about Stoughton’s Youth Flag Football League, you can check out their website at http//syffl.nfl.flag.com.

Favorite Hobby…

The Life Teen Program at the . I began back in 1999 and it is something that I find very fulfilling. 

Every Sunday night at 5:30, I know that I will be there playing the drums. I am even lucky enough to have my son Daniel playing along side of me, since he recently joined the band as well!

How I Keep Work and Life Balanced…

It’s all about priorities. For me, my family comes first, with the fire department as a close second. 

My philosophy is something like this, “Faith-Family-Work.” My faith is what gives me the structure to have a family; my family is why I live; and if I didn’t have my family I wouldn’t need to work!

So often people say they don’t have the time to do everything. I think if you really want to do something, you make time to do it.  I always put my family first and schedule the rest. 

But most importantly, you have to stay true to your schedule.

Snyder's Stoughton August 12, 2011 at 02:57 AM
I had the honor of coaching with Greg in three sports, and getting to know his wife and his older children. Not a better family around, and not a nicer guy in town. Thanks Christine for writing this.
lou modestino August 16, 2011 at 12:00 AM
I have known greg since i was a kid. he is a very honest down to earth person who will help any one in need. he also comes from a very nice family. i am proud to know him!! lou modestino


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