Stoughton's Recupero First to Announce Candidacy for Open Seat on Board of Selectmen

Stoughton attorney T.J. Recupero pulled papers to run for a seat on the Stoughton Board of Selectmen in the April 2013 Town Election after incumbent John Stagnone announced he would not seek reelection.

Editor's Note: With Selectman John Stagnone's decision not to run for reelection in the April Town Election, Stoughton attorney T.J. Recupero announced his candidacy and is the first person to officially express interest in what is now an open seat this election cycle. His announcement of his candidacy is below.

Other candidates are welcome to submit announcements by emailing jeffrey.pickette@patch.com.

Pulling nomination papers is only the first step in running for town-wide office. Those who pull papers need to get 120 signatures of registered Stoughton voters and file their nomination papers with the Town Clerk by 4:30 p.m. on Jan. 2, 2013 to be eligible to run.


T.J. Recupero's Announcement of Candidacy for Stoughton Board of Selectmen

I have decided to seek election to the Town of Stoughton Board of Selectmen. Having lived in this community all of my life, and conducting business in this community for most of the last two decades, I have a fully vested interest in the efficiency of this town’s government and the success and prosperity of its citizens and businesspeople.

This is not intended as a commentary on any of the good men and women who have dedicated their time to the Board of Selectmen before me. I only decided to take this step after I learned that Chairman John Stagnone had chosen not to seek reelection, leaving an open seat. I have worked with and appeared before Chairman Stagnone, and I have always considered him a thoughtful, well-intended and energetic Selectman. I thank him for his years of service to the Board of Selectmen and other boards and committees on which he has served.

I have been a quiet observer of the operation of this town’s government over many years, going back to when my father, Dr. Thomas A. Recupero, was actively involved. In my business, I have also compiled a fairly broad catalog of experience working within the government framework and administration of Stoughton and many other cities and towns across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I think this affords me a unique perspective for the office I seek, and believe this is now an appropriate time to put that to use for the public good.

I do not presume to have the answer to every issue facing this town, nor do I have any rigid agenda or allegiance to any particular constituency. Rather, I will consider each issue on its own merit and use my own good judgment in every vote. I expect that, when asked, I should be able to justify each vote with a reasoned response and with the good of the residents and businesspeople of the town in mind. I also expect to see my share of disagreement, as it is the nature of elected office. I will keep any and all disagreement respectful and always separate from personal relationships. At the end of my three-year term, I hope and expect that I will still have the same friends I have now, and that I will have gained the respect of others who will understand that I will have done what I thought was best for the town and done so in a respectful and professional manner.

As the campaign moves forward into 2013, I welcome the thoughts and support of the community, and look forward to being responsive to all.

With these general principles in mind, I declare my candidacy to the Town of Stoughton Board of Selectmen.

Thank you.

T.J. Recupero

Fiscal Conservative December 21, 2012 at 06:05 PM
No offense Mr. Recupero, but, the majority of people running State and Federal Governments are Lawyers. Look at the current state of both Governments. Question: Do we really need more Lawyers in Government? Would you please answer that without dodging the question, as most Lawyers/Politicians do.


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