Stoughton's Cowan Backs U.S. Senate Bill to Prevent Violent Crimes Against Women

In his first vote as a U.S. Senator, Stoughton's William “Mo” Cowan voted Tuesday to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.

The following is from a release from the office of U.S. Senator William “Mo” Cowan (D-Mass.):

Interim U.S. Senator William “Mo” Cowan (D-Mass.) voted Tuesday to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, a bill that would help to prevent violent crimes against women.

The bill passed the Senate by a vote of 78-22. Senator Cowan, a Stoughton resident, co-sponsored the legislation Thursday, the day he was sworn into office. The final bill, along with its amendments, were his first votes as a member of the United States Senate.  

“I applaud the passage of this important legislation. It can make all the difference in the world when it comes to preventing another woman from being the victim of domestic abuse, rape, or some other violent activity, before it’s too late. By reauthorizing this bill, we’re ensuring that state and local investigations and prosecutions of violent crimes against women aren’t wanting for adequate resources, and that programs assisting survivors are further strengthened and improved,” said Senator Cowan.

“I’m grateful to my colleagues for coming together to make this happen. I’m extremely proud that I was able to cast my first votes in the Senate in favor of a bill that means so much to all women and their families across Massachusetts and the entire country.”

The Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization of 2013 is co-sponsored by a bipartisan group of 60 senators, and it is supported by more than 700 national, state and local organizations, including victim service providers, law enforcement officers, prosecutors and survivors themselves. 


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