Stoughton Public Hearing on Medical Marijuana Facility Moved to February

After planning to conduct a public hearing this month on a Needham-based firm that wants to build a medical marijuana facility in Stoughton, selectmen chairman John Anzivino says the board is now moving the matter to February, according to a report in the Boston Globe.

The selectmen are working on the FY15 budget this month and are expecting to have a busy agenda at their Jan. 21 meeting after having had a shorter than usual one last Tuesday. Now, G2 New England is expected to have a public hearing next month after Anzivino told the Boston Globe that that issue deserves its own hearing.

G2 New England is in the process of getting approval from the state to open a facility in Stoughton. The company asked the selectmen for a letter of support or non-oppostion for the state, but the board decided not to take any action as the Oct. 31 deadline for a response from the town had passed.

Selectmen can't stop the state-mandated facility being in town, so they are developing a zoning article that could be presented to town meeting voters in the spring. A possibility of five sites could be built in Norfolk County.

"We can’t prohibit such a facility but we can have a lot of oversight,” said Anzivino in the Boston Globe article.

Stoughton Police have said they don't support the facility being built in town, and won't be cooperating with G2 New England.

Roseanne January 13, 2014 at 11:14 AM
Agree with the prior two comments. No pot shop in Stoughton!
Donna Ruggiero-McNeill January 13, 2014 at 11:43 AM
OMG! I find it interesting that the Oct.31st date went by and the people of Stoughton had no chance to vote on this facility. The State has the POWER to put this thru. Somehow this just doesn't sound right. Who is going to guard this Pot making facility? I agree with the Stoughton Police Dept. If we can't prevent bank robbers , how are we to prevent problems arriving at this place!? Crime will rise , not to mention, adding more pressure on our police department. What are we doing and has everything been taken in consideration about the consequences?! Needham , keep your Pot making facility. We don't want it.
Sarah January 14, 2014 at 09:46 AM
I find the opposition interesting, given the fact that the medical marijuana bill PASSED with a pretty wide margin when voted on by the residents of Stoughton. The people of Stoughton did vote, and they voted 60% in favor of medical marijuana.
Butch Sinkus January 15, 2014 at 07:33 AM
Hey Sarah I didn't vote for it and I'm voicing my opinion and it does not mean I have to accept it.
Roseanne January 17, 2014 at 02:08 PM
I voted NO too.


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