Stoughton High School Takes Next Step in Building Process

Reps. Bill Galvin and Lou Kafka will address the Stoughton School Committee in the high school media room Tuesday, Jan.28 at 7 p.m.

Stoughton High School
Stoughton High School
(From the office of Rep. Louis L. Kafka)

Reps. William C. Galvin (D-Canton), Louis L. Kafka (D-Stoughton), and Sen. Brian A. Joyce (D-Milton) announced that they will go before the Stoughton School Committee at their meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 28, to formally relay that the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) will be extending an invitation to the Stoughton Public Schools at their Jan. 29 Executive Board Meeting to join the MSBA’s Eligibility Period, the first step toward town eligibility for tens of millions of dollars of state money and expertise for the renovation of the existing or construction of a new Stoughton High School.

Being invited into eligibility period is not the approval of a project. Moving forward in the process requires further collaboration between the District and the MSBA.

“This is incredibly exciting,” said Kafka. “Our foot is now in the door and we have the ball rolling towards a badly needed new high school. I look forward to continuing to work with Rep. Galvin, Sen. Joyce, Dr. Marguerite Rizzi, the school committee and the community of Stoughton to make this a reality.”

“This is wonderful news for a community that truly deserves a new high school," said Galvin. "I have toured the building and met with school administrators and school committee members on numerous occasions to discuss the building’s condition. I have also received hundreds of letters from Stoughton residents addressing their concerns that the current building does not allow teachers to deliver a 21st century education. I agree, and I shared these sentiments with the MSBA on numerous occasions. I am so pleased to deliver the news that the MSBA has put Stoughton on their agenda. The school committee and school officials worked tirelessly in appealing to the MSBA, and they deserve a lot of credit for getting the project this far.”

“I am completely committed to working with town leaders and Reps. Galvin and Kafka to make certain the MSBA supports our efforts to give Stoughton’s children a school that can provide them a world class education and a facility the entire community can be proud of,” said Joyce.

Stoughton School Committee member Deborah Sovinee said, "This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that would not have happened without the efforts of our legislative delegation on our behalf. Thousands of parents and students contacted their offices and helped make the case for help on a desperately needed renovated or new high school. Joint efforts of support by Town Meeting members, and the Stoughton School Committee and board of selectmen were also critical in helping our legislators help us."

John Anzivino, selectmen chairman said, "I was thrilled to hear Stoughton was invited into the process to qualify to receive MSBA funding towards the renovation or rebuilding of Stoughton High School. While this is just the first step in a long process it is a major step forward for the town."

“This invitation is the culmination of several years of hard work by our legislators, Ms. Sovinee, the school committee, municipal officials, and many people in the town who have participated in this effort," said Rizzi. " The high school project will not only contribute immensely to the education of our students, but also to the revitalization of Stoughton. There is a long road of hard work ahead of us to bring this project to a successful conclusion. Let us begin."

Further information about the Massachusetts School Building Authority and the school building process can be found at their website, www.massschoolbuildings.org.


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