Stoughton Dog License Expire Tuesday

Dog licenses in Stoughton expire each year of Dec. 31. The fee is $10 for every altered male or spayed female dog, and $15 for every unaltered male or unspayed female dog.

From the town's website:
Should any owner or keeper of a dog failure to license that dog, on or before May 1, that owner or keeper shall pay a late fee of $25, said fee to be in addition to the license fee for all dogs licensed on or after May 1 of any year, excepting a dog brought into the Town as provided in MGL c. 140, § 138, this late fee shall be applicable from the 61st  day after arrival of such dog; and in addition, should any owner or keeper of a dog fail to comply with the provisions of this article or any order of the Dog Officer issued pursuant to this article, that owner or keeper shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $25 for each offense.
Dogs not licensed by June 1st will have to pay a $25 FINE for VIOLATING STATUTE in addition to late fees and licensing fee.


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