Stoughton Democrats to Attend State Endorsing Convention for U.S. Senate Candidates

Eleven Stoughton Democrats will attend a June 2 convention in Springfield as U.S. Senate candidates vie for Democratic Party endorsement.

The following is adapted from a press release from the Massachusetts Democratic Party:

Eleven Stoughton Democrats will be among the more than 5,000 delegates to the Massachusetts Democratic Party’s Endorsing Convention on June 2 in Springfield to award the Party’s endorsement to one of the Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate.  

The Stoughton delegation includes: Leonard Gosule, Stanley Zoll, Florence Jones, Patricia MacNeil, Steven Fradkin, Sharon Fradkin, Linda Hickey, Jacqueline Jones, Beverly Harris, Lester Davis, and Allan Mills.

In February, Democrats and unenrolled voters gathered at a caucus in Stoughton to elect local representatives to the convention. Additional delegates were appointed by the Democratic State Committee to ensure that young people, minorities and those with disabilities are adequately represented. They will join together with other delegations from around the state.

In all, Massachusetts Democrats held 557 caucuses throughout the Commonwealth.

Delegates from Stoughton will vote to select which candidate for Senate will receive the Party’s endorsement to be the nominee to face (R-Wrentham) this fall in the general election.

The Senate candidate who receives a majority of the delegate’s votes will become the officially endorsed candidate of the Massachusetts Democratic Party. Any candidate who receives at least 15% will remain on the Primary Election ballot.

The winner of the Party’s endorsement will address the convention following a final vote tally. The Massachusetts Democratic Party’s endorsement will be noted on the September 6 Primary Election ballot.

Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Warren is considered the Democratic Party's front-runner for the nomination. Warren received the endorsement of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, a Democrat, on Wednesday, according to a press release from her campaign.

But, Warren is still expected to face a challenge from Marisa DeFranco, an immigration attorney from Middleton, at the Party's Endorsing Convention.


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