Senator Scott Brown Makes Campaign Stop in Stoughton Area

The Wrentham Republican met Stoughton voters during a campaign stop at Queen Anne’s in Canton on April 11. A video interview with the Senator is posted in the media gallery.

While it may be Stoughton Town Clerk Cheryl Mooney’s job to officially certify the results of the Annual Town Election, unofficially certified them for Ed DeFelice, signing a printout of the .

DeFelice, a member of the Stoughton Finance Committee, was reelected as a Precinct 6 Town Meeting representative on April 10. The next day he met Brown on the campaign trail.

The Wrentham Republican made a stop in the Stoughton area on April 11 as he makes his bid for reelection to the U.S. Senate this November.

Brown, a former state representative and state senator, was elected to the U.S. Senate in a special election in January of 2010. His likely opponent this November will be Democrat Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard Professor and former Obama administration official.

Brown pulled into the parking lot of around noontime on Wednesday, driving his now infamous Green GMC Canyon pickup truck. The restaurant is located just over the Stoughton town line on Route 138.

Brown went into the restaurant, greeted a room full of supporters and ordered lunch as part of this campaign stop. Prior to eating, Brown chatted with a table of Stoughton residents, fielding questions, signing autographs and engaging in some light-hearted conversation (Brown, a member of the National Guard, jokingly asked Stoughton veteran Hank Herbowy to drop and give him 50 [pushups]. Herbowy quipped that he couldn’t even do one—“that was one hundred pounds ago,” Herbowy said.)

“I enjoy meeting people who are working hard each and everyday trying to make a difference; trying to provide for their families,” Brown told Stoughton Patch.

“This is a good stop. It’s something I enjoy very much. I enjoy eating, I enjoy bringing people into these businesses…the place was packed, so it was a good opportunity to have them make money, have people see me, and eat.”

The Senator said his reelection campaign is going well thus far.

“I’m working hard; reminding people why they voted for me and also pointing out the differences between Professor Warren and me,” Brown said. “I’m just doing my job.”

After lunch at Queen Anne’s, Brown toured the Blue Hills Brewery in Canton.


What does Scott Brown think are the key issues this campaign season? What does he think about rising gas prices? Check out Stoughton Patch’s video interview with Senator Brown and photo/video highlights from his visit to Queen Anne’s in the media gallery above.


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