OCPC Looking for Input on Route 138 Corridor in Stoughton

The Old Colony Planning Council (OCPC) is conducting a study of Route 138 in Stoughton (Brock Street to the Canton Town Line) and seeks your participation with an online survey.

Old Colony Planning Council (OCPC) is conducting a Major Bottleneck Study for the Route 138 Corridor in Stoughton this year and would like to get as much public input as possible as the OCPC develops the final report.

The geographic scope of the study is the Route 138 corridor from Brock Street (at Zachary’s) to the Canton Town Line.

The purpose of this study, according to Jed Cornock, Transportation Planner with the Old Colony Planning Council, is to identify the reasons for the bottleneck conditions on the corridor, provide potential short and long term improvements, and identify possible funding sources for those improvements. There is also a desire to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety on this stretch of road.

OCPC presented the existing conditions analysis (traffic, bicycle and pedestrian, crashes, pavement conditions, etc) at its first and now the OCPC is in the process of reaching out to the business community, residents, and others to get their input.

One way the OCPC is doing this is with an online survey on its website:



Visit http://www.ocpcrpa.org or http://www.ocpcrpa.org/bottleneck_studies.html for more information.

Concerned Stoughton Resident March 29, 2012 at 05:16 PM
York and Rt138 is a disaster and a very dangerous place at rush our and when school gets out, no one can get out of York st during these periods as no one will let you out and you eventually just have to chance it,,,i've almost gotten hit there several times with people using the breakdown lane to go around people waiting to turn onto york heading south..Someone eventually will get killed there, only a matter of time.
Rich Schiffer March 29, 2012 at 06:31 PM
How about development south on 138
Breakfast King March 29, 2012 at 08:00 PM
The only solution is a rotary running trackside from Brock to Porter Street all ONE WAY


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