Elevator at Stoughton's Town Hall Working Again

Interim Town Manager Joseph Feaster said the Town Hall elevator has been operational since 2 p.m. on Thursday. It broke earlier in the week.

Thanks to Building Superintendent Robert Grover, United Elevator Company of Hingham and Cyr Environmental, the elevator at is operating again, Interim Town Manager Joseph Feaster wrote in an email sent to members of the media and the Board of Selectmen.

, forcing Tuesday's Board of Selectmen's meeting to be held in the Community Room of the Stoughton Police Station, and making the stairwells the only way to go go from floor to floor.

Because of the , residents already had to enter through the rear of the building in the basement, one level lower than they normally would enter.

But, the elevator wasn't out of service for too long, with Feaster announcing that it has been operational since 2 p.m. Thursday afternoon (August 30).

When the elevator was out of service, Town Hall employees took steps to lessen the inconvenience for patrons.

"Knowing that many Stoughton residents, particularly our seniors, come to Town Hall to pay their water bills, the Treasury staff sprung into action on their own accord and set up a 'payment command post' in the basement entrance way," Feaster wrote in an email.

"This is what serving the public is all about," Feaster wrote. "I applaud the dedication and quick thinking of the Treasurer's office staff."


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