Easton Officials Push For Timely Belcher Foundry Cleanup

The Easton Board of Health sent a letter to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

Easton Town Officials said this week that they're taking action to ensure debris at the Belcher Foundry is cleaned up in a timely manner.

"We shouldn’t just sit here and let it exist without taking some steps and trying to move the process along," Town Administrator David Colton told Selectmen Monday.

Easton Health Agent Mark Taylor sent a letter to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection on behalf of the Board of Health urging the state to take steps and put an enforcement plan in place.

"The Board wishes to work with DEP and not interfere with any process being followed, but would also like to know if an enforcement timeline has been put in place," the letter stated. "If an action plan is not in place, the Easton Board of Health is requesting that one be created and the Board receives a copy of this plan."

Demolition at the Foundry has been halted since July when the DEP stepped in, citing health hazards. While the state has since given the 'OK' to move forward, disputes have ensued between the owner, BRFE Property and Advanced Metal Group LLC and the demolition contractor, Total Group.

Currently, heaps of material still sit at the site. The Board of Health called the site a "health nuisance."

"Board members were in agreement that the site in its present state is
both a public health nuisance and a risk to public safety, and that proper steps need to be taken to rectify the situation," Taylor wrote in his letter.

Colton said hazardous materials were contained on the site. Demolition was originally stopped so they did not spread to surrounding neighborhoods.

However, the site itself poses risks to anyone who goes on it, Board of Selectmen Chair Colleen Corona said.

"It’s a danger if anyone goes on that site," she said. "It’s a mess down there."

To read a full transcript of Taylor's letter, click on the attached .pdf.

Diane E. Peterson October 19, 2012 at 11:20 AM
Doesn't it look much better after the Town took it upon themselves to have it demolished "because it was a safety hazard"? I guess it's NOT a safety hazard any longer? Just another folly added to the list of Town boo boos.......


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