ABOUT TOWN: Which Town Meeting Representatives Had the Best (and Worst) Attendance Record?

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WHO CAME AND WHO DIDN'T AT THE 2012 ANNUAL TOWN MEETING: Town Clerk Cheryl Mooney released the official attendance records for the . Perfect attendance should be saluted, and it will be here. But, poor attendance should also be noted.

Whether someone was sick, or just wasn't able to make it for various reasons, isn't known, unless the voters want to ask their elected town reps. But, About Town puts the information out to you, and you can take it from what it is - an attendance record.

Town Meeting started with an organizational meeting on May 3 and held the first official session on May 7. Town Meeting went nine sessions in 2012, . Attendance was recorded for a total of 10 sessions, including the organizational meeting.

There were 156 Town Meeting members in 2012. Each of the eight precincts are allotted up to 21 representatives. Only Precincts 2, 3 and 6 filled all 21 seats. Precincts 1, 4 and 5 filled 20; Precinct 7 filled 19 and Precinct 8 filled 14.

The average cumulative attendance rate was 82.2 percent, or roughly an average of 128 members attending each night out of a possible 156, so there were an average of 28 absences each night.

Precinct 2 had the top attendance rate (93.8 percent) followed by Precinct 4 (90.5%), Precinct 3 (87.1%), Precinct 6 (83.8%), Precinct 1 and 5 (78%), Precinct 7 (73.2%) and Precinct 8 (67.8%).

In Precinct 1, perfect attendance was achieved by Robert H. Desmond, Jr., Jeffrey P. Gomes, Chairman Elliot W. Hansen, Patricia L. Martin, and Richard A. Parolin. Worst attendance was by Maria R. Simas, who made two meetings, and Joan C. Spicer, who made four meetings.  

As noted, Precinct 2 enjoyed the best attendance town wide. Perfect attendance was turned in by Stephen F. Bates, Holly B. Boykin, Scott D. Carrara, Stephanie G Carrara, George L. Dolinsky, Anita A. Hill,  Richard C. Hill, Phyllis E. Kelleher, Mary Ann Killgoar, Zaida L. Rivera-Harris, Joaquin J. Soares, Jr., Chairman Mark Snyder, Gloria J. Veale, and Cynthia A. Walsh. Worst attendance was Barbara Harris, who only missed four meetings.  

Precinct 3 had perfect attendance by Lisa M. Anderson, Robert E. Blumenthal, Laura M. Bushlow, Chairman Dennis J. Gada, Rachel M. Morton, Christine A. Shannon, and David C. Young. Worst attendance was Michael R. O'Neil, who only missed four meetings.  

Precinct 4 saw perfect attendance from Roberta A. Camacho, Patricia E. Colburn, Chairman Juliann M. Gitto, Louis F. Gitto, Gerald J. McDonald, Diane Medeiros, Antonio M. Sousa, and Hollyce H. States. Worst attendance was Shawn Francis Croke, who only missed three meetings.

Precinct 5 had perfect attendance by Janice M. Esdale, Chairman Eric J. Kolman, Lisa E. Larkin, Norine Leaver, Elinore M. Morris, Richard L. Morris, Cynthia M. Pazyra, and Larry Verdun. Worst attendance was a tie between Joseph M. Mokrisky and Elizabeth Murphy - both missed EVERY meeting.  

Precinct 6 had perfect attendance achieved by Edward J. DeFelice, Joseph C. Figueiredo, James W. Gearin, Chairman Kellie M. Lamb, Joseph R. Madden, Jr., Margaret N. Sewcyk, and Nathan L. Workman. Worst attendance was turned in by Scott G. Breen and David M. Guglia, who both missed five meetings.  

Precinct 7 featured perfect attendance by Candace Fisher, Jeanne M. Fleming, Barbara J. Graffeo, Donald G. Interrante, John J. Malley, Nancy C. Patterson, Chairman Elizabeth A. Pietro, Carl Pietro, Jr., and Robin Gamzon Zoll. Worst attendance were Karen Abramson, who missed all of them, and Joseph Flynn, who missed eight of the 10.  

And, finally, in Precinct 8, six members turned in perfect attendance. They were John A. Kavin, Allan J. MacNeil, David C. Sheehan, Stephen E. Tapper, Teresa D. Tapper, and Peter Ventresco. Worst attendance was Paul McAlister and Aina M. McCann, who missed all 10 meetings.

Take a look at the full Town Meeting member attendance report by clicking here. It is also posted as a PDF in the media gallery. Stoughton Patch editor Jeffrey Pickette contributed statistical analysis.


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY: To Stoughton's own Freddie Yaitanes - not the real estate one, but his cousin; to Cage Fury Fighting Champion Michael Varner, owner of in Stoughton, who is working to help protect kids from bullies and to turn bullies around; to Lisa Melendy Tetrault, a server at Boston Common, and the daughter of Stoughton Firefighter Victor Melendy, who on January 28, 1995. They all celebrated Wednesday.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Briget Yaitanes, wife of Stoughton landscaper Phil Yaitanes.



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