ABOUT TOWN: Department Heads Want Crimmins to Stay as Town Manager

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In a letter dated February 17th to Chairman John Stagnone and the Board of Selectmen from 14 Municipal Department Heads, a request was made to "bring about a reconsideration of the of Town Manager, Frank Crimmins."

The letter went about to say, "During the past two years, Frank has instituted many dramatic and profound changes within Town government. Although there has been periodic grumbling by some, in the end these changes have greatly improved the daily operations of every department in Town. Change is often difficult to embrace, but we the undersigned, have seen Town government transformed in a short period of time into a business model that is now run in a completely transparent, efficient, cost-effective and professional manner."

About Town attempted to decipher the signatures, and came up with Library Director Pat Basler, Engineer Ben Feehan, Public Health Director Lisa Parent, Assessor Joseph Gibbons, Building Inspector Tom McGrath, Treasurer Donna Erickson, Human Resources Director Martin McNamara, Acting Chief Procurement Officer Lindsay Pope, Town Planner Noreen O'Toole, DPW Superintendent John Batchelder, Fire Chief Mark Dolloff, acting Police Chief Robert Devine, Recreation Director John Denison, Jr, and Veterans' Agent Mike Pazyra.

The letter goes on to say, "We are very concerned for the future welfare of the Town of Stoughton, which has made significant strides during the past few years. Many of the department heads accepted the job in Stoughton with the understanding they would be reporting directly to Frank Crimmins. Our ability to perform at the highest professional level depends on the sense of stability and continuity of leadership. Much time and effort has been invested in improving the public perception of town government through the diligent efforts of Frank Crimmins and the Board of Selectmen, and we would be very disappointed to see that lost."

It concludes, "We urge you to investigate other options that would encourage Frank to continue what he has begun. If that is not possible, we hope that you will give some serious thought to working together as a Board so that the next Town Manager will receive the support necessary to fulfill a three year term."

Tonight, March 6, the Board of Selectmen are expected to announce an "," who will run the town until a permanent candidate is found. I'm betting that Town Accountant Bill Rowe is that guy.

Crimmins has expressed no interest in staying on the job. As far as this writer knows, however, the Board of Selectmen never formally voted to accept his resignation. Crimmins' last day is March 31, 2012.

The department heads ended their letter with: "Being a Town Manager is a difficult, demanding, and sometimes thankless job, and good town managers are rare. We are fortunate to have a good town manager who is 'very busy and works very hard' and we all hate to see him leave."

A copy of the letter is posted in the media gallery above.


townmeeting1 March 06, 2012 at 09:57 PM
Mr. Crimmins brought more reform and respect to this community then the last twenty town managers put together. How is it that the entire department heads, Fire Chief, Police Chief, and director of Public works are all asking him to reconsider??? He must be doing something right?? They all agreed that his reform and policies are working, why else would they want that progress to continue?? He’s implemented procedures and policies that will eventually save the tax payers millions of dollars and instilling trust in public government even if it means taking the school department to court to make sure they conform to the law… This Town always seems to go three steps forward and five back, this unfortunate scenario will put us back two years, that was a great comment from the Selectman, how about thanks for your service and all your efforts to put this Town back on the right course….
DJ March 07, 2012 at 02:40 AM
I think it's sad that this letter was submitted at all and particularly to the BOS and not to Frank himself. I also find it interesting that the majority of those who signed the letter are rookie hires. Though TM1 notes that the DPW, Fire and Police also signed, many did not and several who left during his term have also been silent. Finally, why is it he has never come clean on the reason for his resignation? Do we not deserve an explantation? Could it be the reason is too embarrassing or audacious to own up to publicly because it appears that every effort is being made to point a finger where no blame exists. On another matter, I am most curious about the timing and direction of the municipal land auction scheduled for next week. Can anyone please comment on when and how these particular parcels were brought forward for auction?
townmeeting1 March 07, 2012 at 12:59 PM
I think you will get your answer and although you and Victor will be greatly disappointed. Mr. Crimmins is under contract, he’s acting in a professional manager and is not going to comment on his status until his tenure has expired. I’m sure once you get your explanation that you deserve it will not live up to your expectation, don’t be so quick as to the blame part until you know both sides of the story … As far as the land auction is concerned I find this comical… He comes into office, the Town is hurting for Tax revenue and what does he do? he looks for a way to bring in new revenue to benefit the Town, again thinking outside the box, maybe this should have been in place years ago (just saying)…. When people don’t pay their property taxes, the Town has the right to sell these properties, to pay their outstanding tax liability…. If these properties are sold we (the Town) reap the benefit plus the new owners of the properties start paying into the property tax pool, benefitting the town as well…. Win… Win for the Town and people still find fault with the process or simply complain… with no support from the majority of the Selectman no wonder this guy wants to get out of here….
DJ March 07, 2012 at 03:58 PM
I see you can't answer the questions so you deflect. No win win seen on prior sale TM1, just a give away and far below market value to a local developer. Better off just listing these things then giving them away and why now, during a depressed market? What is the rush to turn over a particular property on Central St? If you have no facts to offer, please refrain from pretending you do.
DJ March 14, 2012 at 01:15 AM
Having previously questioned the timing of the scheduled municipal auction and it's particular relationship, if any, to an adjacent lot on Central St, I find it extremely interesting that this aforementioned lot has just been listed on MSL, less then 24 hours prior to the scheduled auction. Since I can't attend, it would be good to know someone may be taking note.


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