ABOUT TOWN: Bob’s Foodmart Expanding; And Selectman Anderson Holds Campaign Event

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THE SECRET IS OUT: Bob's Famous Foodmart is about to become even more famous.  I've tried to keep a secret about the , but it's about to leak out. 

When my mom was in Copley, I needed to get quick lunches when I visited.  I'd go to Bob's and get amazing lunches—from meatloaf to steak tips to chicken parmesan, with all the side fixings. And, the cost was low. 

I only shared my discovery with a few chosen friends so that the lines wouldn't get so long that I'd be late for afternoon appointments. 

But, now I can't hold back anymore.  Bob's is going to be expanding.  They are going to be open from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m., and offer breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Instead of just takeout, there will now be seating for 15, which will also serve the Keno players who go to Bob's. The grill will close at 8 p.m. 

So, next time you are looking for home-cooked food, and don't have the time to do it yourself, check out their place

The Stoughton Board of Selectmen voted unanimously (5-0) on April 3 to approve a common victualler license for the Park St. establishment.

is a member of the Stoughton Chamber of Commerce.  And, who doesn't love the DiMatteo Family?


ANDERSON EVENT DRAWS A CROWD: A number of Stoughton residents came to the on Wednesday night, April 4, to meet and ask questions of Selectman . Anderson is a candidate for re-election on Tuesday, April 10.

His son Greg introduced former Town Manager and District Court Judge Crimmins lauded the performance of Anderson in his three years in office.

He told the crowd, "We owe a great debt to John Anderson for helping to bring in Police Chief Paul Shastany. He stepped up to lead the search. The Chief was selected on a 3-2 vote. John also helped fill the vacancy for Town Manager two years ago. That was decided on the same 3-2 vote. If I have to say so myself, I think we did a few good things the past two years as Town Manager. John does a great job and is underestimated by a lot of people."

Anderson spoke to a number of concerns of residents who were there. One was the senior liaison police officer requested by Chief Shastany in his 2013 budget, which was rejected by the Board of Selectmen and Finance Committee.

"I advocated for this position. The need is there. There are more seniors than students in this town. That officer is needed for the protection of our elderly," Anderson said.

Anderson also cited his track record as a Selectman. "The Bay Road culvert collapsed. The Town of Sharon was threatening to sue us unless we spent a million dollars to fix it. We had our public works do the job for under $200,000. Problem over. Fire Station 2 was costing us a lot of money while it was closed. We got it repaired, and now it is open and fully staffed. Then, they announced they were going to close the Stoughton District Court and turn it into a juvenile court. I reminded the group of judges that we got to speak before that the courthouse sat next to three schools and playing fields. That would not have been a good place for the juvenile court. Town Manager Crimmins and Police Chief Shastany also spoke and gave other reasons against the court's closure, and the courthouse was saved."

As for Anderson's plan for the future, he said, "We need to attract good viable businesses to our town. I'd like to try to bring in additional dollars to reduce the tax burden on residents. We need to keep in place what Judge Crimmins instituted. 14 Department Heads signed a letter supporting Mr. Crimmins. He was obviously doing something right."

On a question regarding the schools, the former School Committee member and Council on Aging Chairman said, "I think we need to reduce the costs for the schools. They say it's for the children, but we're not children anymore."

Anderson concluded with, "I'd like to continue for the next three years the work I have begun. I ask for one of your votes on April 10."

Faces In The Crowd: Selectman Steve Anastos, and his wife Heidee of the Community Events Committee (and their really cool 4th grade son Mike); FinCom members Peter Ventresco, Ed DeFelice and Dr. Erdem Ural (candidate for school committee); Former Town Managers Francis T. Crimmins, Jr. and Jeanne Fleming (also a former Town Clerk); Planning Board Chairman Joe Scardino; Veterans Agent Mike Pazyra and his wife Cindy of the Stoughton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors; Jay Farley of Farley Funeral Home; Sue Hargreaves of Stoughton Public Library; Leo Fay of the Board of Assessors; Bernie Planeta, District Commander of Amvets; Dennis McCarthy of Cedar Hill Operations Committee, and his wife Lorraine, former Secretary for Friends for Seniors; Sons of Italy cooking crew Dennis Gada and Mike Sammarco; DPW Superintendent John Batchelder; Retired State Police Lt. and Police Chief Search Committee member Bill Murphy; School Committee member George Dolinsky; CPA Jerry Savage, the Campaign Treasurer, and his wife Sheryl, Executive Director of College Advancement at Massassoit Community College in Canton; and, finally, the candidate's lovely wife, Mary Beth.



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