2nd Edition: Stoughton HR Director McNamara Named Town Administrator in Boylston

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About Town has learned that Stoughton's Human Resources Director has been named the new Town Administrator Boylston, MA.

He was unanimously voted into the position by their Board of Selectmen.

Kenneth G. Sydow, chairman of the Boylston Board of Selectmen, called Mr. McNamara after the meeting to inform him of the board's decision.

Sydow told the Worcester Telegram, “He's excited, and we're excited too. There are a lot of things we talked about [during his interview] that we are looking forward to working on.”  

McNamara will be ironing out the final details of his contract next Tuesday night.  Then, he'll be giving Stoughton his official notice. McNamara has been working in Stoughton since February 2011.

McNamara had told the Boylston selectmen during his interview that the was his first municipal one, and that he enjoyed it.

According to The Banner, McNamara said that after being laid off in the private sector, he was hired by Stoughton, where he said he enjoys the work, and wants to continue in municipal management. But, citing his experience as a Selectman in Clinton, and the difference in size from Stoughton to Boylston, he added he was a "small town type of guy." He lives in nearby Clinton.

McNamara was hired by former Town Manager Francis T. Crimmins, Jr., who attempted to get McNamara named Assistant Town Manager with a substantial raise. That move was rejected by the Board of Selectmen and the Finance Committee. .

McNamara told Boylston selectmen that he'd be visible around town if he's chosen. "I would go to other town officials, talk to them, be at their meetings, and answer any questions they had. I would be at town hall. I would be at the police station and the fire station. I'd be available to them."

McNamara's resume said he'd been "acting town manager during absences of the town manager, has experience in procurement, union negotiating, and budgeting." He cited his collective bargaining experience with seven unions in Stoughton.

Joseph Feaster, Jr. said simply, "I wish him well in his new position."

Selectman Chairman John Stagnone told me, "I think it's a great thing for him, being closer to home. The commute has been tough on him. It's a loss to Stoughton. He's done a good job. I'm sure he'll do well in his new position. We wish him the best of luck."

Selectman Steve Anastos wrote to About Town last week when news of McNamara being named a finalist for the Boylston job first broke:

"Mr. McNamara (who earns $80,000/year) was the logical choice to be the interim town manager,” Anastos wrote. “He has performed the duties of acting town manager in the past. Mr. McNamara also has the respect and support of the other department heads. I was surprised that my fellow Board members didn't even consider him. Instead, they choose to hire an interim person under questionable circumstances (from outside the current management team) at $140,000/year salary. So much for transparent and cost-effective government! Where was the outrage from people like Bob O'Regan who objected to 'the process' when hiring Judge Crimmins? What message are we sending the current management team? First Crimmins, then VNA Director Parent and now McNamara: Quality people leaving is not a good trend!"

McNamara has a strong corporate pedigree. He had worked at Weetabix in Clinton, and Interstate Brands Corporation in Natick. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Assumption College, and a certificate from Human Resources Management.


Christine Iacobucci April 13, 2012 at 07:48 PM
It is sad to see him go.
DJ April 15, 2012 at 12:46 AM
Mark, last week when you had an article in about MacNamara being named one of the Boylston finalists, you used the same quote from Anastos as seen above in paragraph 14. Yet you printed a retort from John Stagnone last week relevant to this Anastos quote which he writes: " ""Mark, in reading Selectman Anastos comments about the potential departure of Human Resource Director Martin McNamara, I want to correct the misinformation that Mr. Anastos has told you and your readers. I had a few conversations with Mr. Anastos, who missed 3 meetings in a row, what Ms. Pope and I had done to find possible candidates for Interim Town Manager. My first consideration and discussion to fill this position was with Mr. McNamara, he was not sure if he would want to take the position, so I started looking for other candidates." and continues....
DJ April 15, 2012 at 12:47 AM
"Ms. Pope and I made calls to known agencies that specialize in Municipal Government work, we received a few candidates names along with the 2 candidates who sent their resumes in unsolicited, Mr. Feaster and Mr. Sanguinet. Public interviews were held for the candidates who were available to start before the end of March as part of the transition, public nominations took place and a public vote to offer a contract to Mr. Feaster was taken, I am not sure how this is not transparent. The difference between the hiring of Mr. Feaster and Judge Crimmins was one was interviewed in public and one was not. As for the message we are sending to the management team, we provided them with a talented and experienced full time leader, who in his first day on the job worked through the procurement problem with the school department that had been going on for well over a year and dividing our town. I did not want to hire someone just to keep the seat warm and go through the motions. The VNA Director is not leaving because Judge Crimmins is no longer the Town Manager, in fact Ms. Parent was not looking for another job, the opportunity found her and we wish her the best of luck in her new position, she will be missed."-- John J. Stagnone, Chairman Board of Selectmen"


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