Woman Arrested for Whitman Bank Robbery Also Suspected of Robbing Stoughton Bank

A 31-year-old Bridgewater woman is suspected of robbing the Citizens Bank branches in four Stop & Shop supermarkets, including the one in Stoughton back on Sept. 6.

A Bridgewater woman arrested by Whitman Police on Saturday for allegedly robbing a Citizens Bank in Stop & Shop in that town, is also suspected of robbing the Citizens Bank in Stop & Shop in Stoughton back in September, according to a press release from the Whitman Police Department.

KerriAnn Heffernan, 31, of Bridgewater, is charged in connection with robbing the Citizens Bank in the Whitman Stop & Shop Friday, Oct. 19 at 6:27 p.m., according to Whitman Police. This is roughly the same time of evening the Citizens Bank in the Stoughton Shop & Shop was robbed on Sept. 6.

After allegedly robbing the bank in Whitman on Friday, Heffernan is suspected of robbing two banks in Brockton on Saturday, Oct. 20 - both Citizens Bank branches within Brockton Stop & Shop grocery stores, according to the Boston Globe.

In the Stoughton robbery on Sept. 6, the suspect allegedly passed the teller a note demanding all the money, according to MassMostWanted. The note also mentioned she was in possession of a gun. The suspect held her left hand inside a bag implying that she had a gun but none was shown, MassMostWanted reports.

The suspect then fled the supermarket bank on foot to nearby Charles Ave. Ext., where she possibly left in a dark colored vehicle possibly accompanied by a black male, according to Stoughton Police.

In the Whitman robbery on Oct. 19, Whitman Police report that "the female suspect handed the teller a note demanding all the money and indicated she had a gun. The teller then took the money from his drawer and gave it to the suspect. The suspect then fled from Stop & Shop in a northerly direction."

The two Brockton robberies had similarities to the Whitman and Stoughton incidents.

"Brockton, Whitman, and Stoughton PD worked collectively to identify and apprehend the suspect," the Whitman Police Department press release states.

"Based on a lead provided in one of the Brockton robberies [Heffernan] was questioned at Whitman PD, and subsequently placed under arrest. Items seized in connection with the robberies included a 2011 Hyundai Elantra, cash, cellphone, clothing, and items that were covered in red dye. A firearm has not been recovered at this time," the release continues. 

Heffernan is scheduled to be arraigned in Brockton District Court on Monday, Oct. 22, according to Whitman Police. She is charged with armed and masked robbery with a firearm, armed assault to rob with a firearm, and assault with a dangerous weapon, as a result of the alleged Whitman robbery.

Additional charges may be filed in connection with the Stoughton and Brockton robberies, the Whitman Police press release states.


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