Vandals, Thieves Target Habitat For Humanity Home in Stoughton

Thousands of dollars worth of tools were stolen from a Habitat for Humanity project on Commercial St. in Stoughton on Sunday. The home was also vandalized. The robbery and damages will delay the project for up to a month.

A on Commercial St. in Stoughton is now running behind schedule after thousands of dollars worth of tools were taken when the home was broken into on Sunday.

Erin Daxberger arrived at the home on Monday for her weekly check of the property and found the door wide-open, WBZ-TV reports.

A compressor, nail guns, chop saw, and other tools were taken from the home, Martine Taylor, Executive Director of South Shore Habitat for Humanity told FOX25. The basement was also vandalized, now covered in paint.

WBZ and FOX25 report that $3,000 worth of tools were stolen from the home.

South Shore Habitat for Humanity is building the home for Erin and Chad Daxberger, both life-long Stoughton residents. The two have three young sons. Four-year-old Landon, who is the youngest, has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a debilitating muscle disease.

This home on Commercial St. will be handicapped accessible, to help meet Landon’s needs.

But, now the progress on the home will stall until Habitat gets the funding to purchase new tools, WBZ reports.

The Daxbergers were scheduled to move into the home on January 1, but that may be delayed for about a month, as a result of the break-in.

“I want [the thieves] to just bring the tools back, put them on the deck,” Erin told WBZ. “I don’t want anyone to be in trouble around Christmas time…I just want the tools back because it’s the right thing to do.”


  • (Stoughton Patch)


Fiscal Conservative November 23, 2011 at 03:49 PM
Hate to be so negative, but, are you really shocked by this. Society has disintegrated to such a low point, how can people really trust one another any longer. For all its worth, I really long for days where people were willing to help others, expecting nothing in return for doing so, a person's word was more binding that a written contract, neighbors actually spoke to one another (knowing their names), kids could play outside all day w/o the concern for harm from unknowns. The world today is so screwed up, it may be beyond the point of no return. I hope not. Have a Happy Thanksgiving folks, it could be the last one we have, at the rate we're going.


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