Stoughton Police Film Narcan Training Video for Statewide Use

The video offers tips on how police can use and administer the nasal spray meant to counter the effects of opiate overdose.

Credit: Stoughton Police Department.
Credit: Stoughton Police Department.

The Stoughton Police Department this week announced that it has filmed a training video to be used statewide on administering Narcan, a nasal treatment used to counter the effects of opiate overdose. 

As part of the video, Stoughton Sgt. Brian Holmes and Donna McNamara, who serve as head EMS instructors for the Stoughton Police Department, oversaw officers Heather Cheever and Dan Carmichael as they responded to a simulated incident. 

"We are honored to have been asked to take part in such an important project," Stoughton police said in a statement. 


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