Stoughton Police Announce Addition of Eight Stoughton Natives to Department Ranks

Since the start of the year, the Stoughton Police Department has announced the addition of a new officer as well as the hiring of seven police recruits set to attend the Boston Police Academy. All eight are from Stoughton.

By this summer there will be a lot of new faces patrolling the streets of Stoughton. Over the past two days the Stoughton Police Department announced eight additions to its ranks via the SPD Facebook page.

All eight are Stoughton natives, Executive Officer Robert Devine said.

Daniel Carmichael is Stoughton's newest officer, joining the SPD from the Boston Housing Police Department. He is already on duty.

And, seven Stoughton Police recruits - Heather Cheever, Tim Hansler, Tom Covino, Daniel Barber, Michael Medina, David Hoadley and Albert Medeiros - will be starting the Boston Police Academy starting Jan. 7, embarking on a six-month training session before they officially become Stoughton Police officers.

In this recruiting group are "two Corrections Officers, two Portuguese speaking officers, a police dispatcher, a Marine and a district attorney's office clerk," according to the Stoughton Police Department Facebook page.

"All are well educated and survived our extensive and grueling hiring process. With Dan Carmichael, we navigated through 26 civil service candidates to hire these 8," the post continues.

"We're very pleased with all eight of them," Devine added.

Including the previous hirings of Sheanna Isabel and Marc Baldner and the addition of Matt Farwell, a lateral transfer from the Wellesley PD, Devine said, "we set the foundation of the Department for the next 30 years."

Carin Klipp January 29, 2013 at 10:43 PM
I am looking forward to Tim Hansler joining the force. I know him since he was a kid and feel he will make and outstanding office.


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