State Police Make Several OUI Arrests on Area Roadways This Thanksgiving Weekend

The Massachusetts State Police increased patrols on Route 24 and ran a sobriety checkpoint in Norfolk County this Thanksgiving weekend, which resulted in a number of OUI arrests, other offenses and hundreds of citations.

Massachusetts State Police Troopers made 20 OUI arrests and issued almost 350 citations on area roadways this holiday weekend - the result of increased patrols on Routes 24 and 195 and a sobriety checkpoint in Canton, according to a press release from the MSP.

The State Police deployed increased patrols on Routes 24 and 195 in southeastern Massachusetts, the evenings of Friday, Nov. 23 and Saturday, Nov. 24 as "part of the department’s ongoing efforts to curb impaired, distracted, and aggressive driving on those roads," the MSP stated in a press release.

According to the MSP, the weekend patrol surge resulted in 13 drunk driving arrests, as well as eight non-OUI arrests and nine criminal summonses. An additional motorist will also be summonsed to face drunk driving charges following a wrong-way crash. A number of motorists were also stopped for traveling 90+ miles per hour, including several driving more than 100 m.p.h.

Troopers wrote a total of 288 citations for motor vehicle violations on Routes 24 and 195 and feeder roads - 137 on Friday night and 151 on Saturday night.

Meanwhile, the State Police also ran a sobriety checkpoint in Norfolk County Saturday night in Canton.

Here, troopers and local officers made seven more OUI arrests, issued three criminal summons, and wrote 61 motor vehicle citations, according to the MSP release.


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