Police Officers Davis, Kuhn and Healey Serving Stoughton in More Ways Than One

This is another installment of our Patch spotlight of different Town of Stoughton employees. This week, meet Officers Robert Kuhn, Bill Healey and Chris Davis of the Stoughton Police Department.

Stoughton Patch's Town Employee Spotlight profiles dedicated town employees whose hard work contributes to the continued betterment of our community.

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Officers Robert Kuhn, Bill Healey and Chris Davis of the Stoughton Police Department

Robert Kuhn, Bill Healey and Chris Davis of the share more than just the midnight to eight in the morning shift. They, like so many other members of the SPD, have served their country through active military duty on more than one occasion.

This week we take a closer look at these hardworking SPD officers. While each of their story’s are unique, a common theme prevails of how the military played a pivotal role in easing their transition into law enforcement. 

Here are their stories:

Personal & Military Background…

  • Kuhn - A lifelong resident of Stoughton and 2001 graduate of , Robert Kuhn joined the Army National Guard immediately after graduation. He played an active role in responding to Hurricane Katrina and has been deployed overseas twice—Afghanistan in 2002-2003 and Iraq in 2009 2010. Kuhn has been on the police force since 2005. He and his wife Jennie are newlyweds. 
  • Healey - Bill Healey joined the Air Force in 1983 and the SPD in July of 2004. He was deployed to Okinawa in 2008 for 3 months and in 2009 was activated to Cape Cod for two-and-a-half years. With his orders ending in September, he has been back on the force since October.
  • Davis - Chris Davis was on active duty for four years after joining the Air Force in 1999. Currently serving in the Air National Guard (the same unit as Bill Healey), Davis was deployed again in 2010, this time to Iraq. He recently returned home. After graduating the Academy with Kuhn, Davis also joined the Stoughton Police Department in 2005.

This position (police officer) is right for me…

  • Kuhn - I always wanted to be a police officer. The military helped me transition easier into the job, but I always knew I wanted to be a police officer.
  • Healey - Deep down you care. You don’t want to just make the state of Massachusetts money by writing traffic citations. You want wrongs righted.
  • Davis - Policing is almost a parallel work environment to the military with its camaraderie. Of course it is not exactly the same, but you work in a similar way, making it feel like a smooth transition.

Favorite part of the job…

  • Kuhn - The professional development of the police force is great. There are opportunities to work different hours and police in different areas.  Besides, everyday is different, that’s the best part.
  • Healey- “A clean arrest” — an arrest that you know that you have the evidence and are certain that you have caught someone who has done wrong.
  • Davis - It’s different each day and rewarding. It is rewarding to solve problems and to be making a difference.

Frustrations of the job…

  • Kuhn - I don’t really have any. Not much bothers me.
  • Healey - Habitual offenders, only about 20% of arrests go to trial.
  • Davis - Good kids going down the wrong path. 

Best call…

  • Kuhn – [Stopping] the armed robbery in progress at [on August 1, 2011 at 3:38 a.m.]
  • Healey - The best is seeing a thank you letter or having someone say thank you.  But there was one call that I remember clearly and to most people it would probably seem insignificant. This young girl had her cell phone stolen and for a girl in her situation, this lose devastated her.  When I gave it back to her, I don’t know if I have ever seen someone so happy.  All it took was a cell phone to have an impact on her life.
  • Davis - One night while patrolling and doing building checks, we drove through the Center and could see the Fieldbrook House on fire.  Donna McNamara and I went in and got people out. A few days later I drove by and they had spray painted a big thank you SPD sign!  That was quite a sight.

Worst call…

  • Kuhn - Going to a call where you know the person in medical distress.
  • Healey - Unsuccessful medical calls.
  • Davis - The death of an infant.

While deployed, I missed…

  • Kuhn - Normalcy. Eating home cooked meals and iced coffee from Honey Dew.
  • Healey - I missed my wife, Patricia [of 25 years this March] and my kids, Stephen, 22, Lisa, 19, and Mark, 16.
  • Davis - All the comforts of home, freedom, family.  I am extremely close with my family, especially my 12 year old daughter, Jessica. 

When I am off the clock…

  • Kuhn - I am currently a student at Bridgewater State, so a lot of what I do is homework and studying.  Yard work is where I spend a good part of the rest of my time since my wife, Jennie, and I recently bought a house.
  • Healey - My kids’ games—my wife and I rarely miss one!
  • Davis - Hanging out with my daughter; I spend as much time as possible with her.  I am a single Dad, so if I am not with Jessica then I am usually riding my Harley.
Concerned Stoughton Resident November 19, 2011 at 02:37 PM
thank you officers for your service to our country and our town


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