Police Make Arrest in Robbery of Stoughton Home

Stoughton Police arrested an 18-year-old on Monday for allegedly breaking into a Stoughton home and stealing jewelry.

Persistent questioning from Detective Jim O’Connor of the led to solving a break-in at a Stoughton home, according to the Stoughton Police Facebook page.

Shane Scipione, 18, of Packard Road in Stoughton, was arrested on Monday, February 27 at 12:04 p.m. for an alleged home break-in on Robinette Road in Stoughton (off Bay Road).

Scipione is charged with breaking and entering; larceny under $250; receiving stolen property over $250; and the possession of marijuana (less than one ounce).

Acting Police Chief Robert Devine said Det. O’Connor had just cleared the scene of another call in the general area and observed Scipione walking down Woodpecker Road. Det. O’Connor approached Scipione and “found him to be in possession of jewelry and spray paint,” according to the SPD’s Facebook page.

Devine said police recovered a “sizeable amount of jewelry” and were able to identify the victim. Devine said Scipione was working alone.

Anonymous March 01, 2012 at 01:50 PM
Shane is guilty. That is a fact and everyone needs to get over it and accept it. He was headed Down a really bad and scary road so we can only hope this will change his life for the best. He will get the help he needs to get clean and sober ... And for all of you who actually know Shane personally which I can bet is verrrry few we all need to pray for his recovery and happiness ... And for all you "townies" why don't you stop judging and commenting on some random article that you know nothing about. this 18 year old broke the law and will serve his time .. Needless to say shane is such a caring and good hearted kid when he's not on drugs. Clearly his addiction was taking over his and his loved ones lives. This was the only way to put a stop to the caois . Please pray for Shane and the scipiones
Shades March 02, 2012 at 06:38 PM
I've known Shane and his family for 18 years, my whole life. And I know that he is a great kid that comes from a great family. I agree with everything the last anonymous comment says. I've spent a lot of time with Shane and I know that he'll get through this. He's been through a lot, but he's a tough kid and I believe in him and I pray for him and his family every day. I can't say that I approve of the lifestyle he chose for himself, but I know a lot of people who live the same one and have stooped to certain levels like Shane did. I call it the "point of no return". Once you hit rock bottom, the only place you can go from there is up. I hate seeing people talking shit about someone they know nothing about though based on one thing he has done. Shane is one of my good friends, I cried when I found out about this. So whoever this "townie" person is you can shut up and take your ignorant comments elsewhere, you clearly know nothing about this kid because if you knew him the way I know him, then you would've kept your mouth shut instead of causing all kinds of problems.
Shades March 02, 2012 at 06:43 PM
And what's messed up about this whole thing is that he was PICKED UP by the person who lives at this house and was BROUGHT there by her. I call shenanigans on this one...I say it was a setup.
Anonymous March 03, 2012 at 12:15 AM
Nice first comment "shades" however you must Not be hearing the whole story because yes he was picked up and brought to the house by her the night before because she was concerned about his health and how messed up he was on drugs ... She even called his family to let them know Shane should be brought to the hospital and they did nothing and pretty much put all the responsibility and pressure on her to take care of THEIR son .. So that is when the "victim" of the robbery decided to bring him back to the house so he had a safe place To stay and so she could make sure he didn't do anything more to harm himself.. In the morning she was in a rush to work and dropped Shane off on the street because there was no time to bring him home or wherever he was off to... and that would be when he proceeded to walk back to the house AFTER he was already stopped by officer oconner with Some jewelry weed and spray paint...
Anon111 March 04, 2012 at 12:42 AM
This is awesome. Wonder if he's the one who broke into our house?


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