Busy 2013 for Stoughton Police Department

It was a busy 2013 for the Stoughton Police Department, according to a post on their Facebook page.

-Police responded to an all-time high of 27,651 calls for service, beating the previous high by 4,000.

-Brought criminal charges by arrest or summons in 1,278 cases.

-Investigated an additional 1,677 potential criminals incidents and documented the same.

-Made 4,384 logged motor vehicles stops for traffic infractions.

On their Facebook page, they wrote, "It was a busy year for us here at the SPD. We hope to serve you with our core values of Fairness, Trustworthiness and Service during 2014.?
Joe Gorman January 07, 2014 at 03:07 PM
Part2) Wondering how I know about it? Simple, everything is a accident in your life, I was walking around town trying to recover from a truck rear ending me and I was told by a detail. Then kept a investigation on it, which resulted in Shastany telling me not ONE DIME of TAXPAYERS money was spent on this issue. I'M Something different and he failed my test. Next, the latest news IS one of his officer's informed me that I am free to petition at town meeting for more money, I have no intention my dad included to stand for this. DON'T COME TO OUR TOWN AND LIE.Working people can not afford it. one more thing, Deputy Devine freely admitted that one of his officer's Lied to me and stoughton police still can't handle the call volume, Like I said stay tuned, and stay vigilant because the government belongs to the the common man. THANK YOU.
Joe Gorman January 16, 2014 at 08:54 PM
Part3) While talking to shastany back at the end of may last year, I asked him if he ever played basketball, quote on quote, "No I wanted to make money"It wasn't easy to remain silent. In his defense it was still about service when he started in the gov sector it was but now It's not the case anymore. Study after study shows nationwide it's not a fair balance between the two sectors. This concerns me because if you TAKE too much money out of business both sectors suffer, greed is the new standard and our nation is in SERIOUS trouble,this IS why shastany needs to be responsible for is actions. Back in oct. My employer was robbed at gunpoint and I was a witness, in returning a call to a lieutenant I was told by a sgt. he was gone for the night, it was still before the shift change and I simply asked why did he leave already? The sgt. Jumped down my throat and screamed"Do YOU want to pay FOR the overtime to pay FOR him? I shouldn't be subjected to this, I suspect shastany fouled up the budget so bad that his officers are going through more of the same, shastany is a administrator and he inadvertently caused more monetary problems while self serving instead of SERVING, my dad said it in plainly he shouldn't have gone down to that training, he should have stayed in stoughton and done what he was HIRED for.Sadly THINGS aren't good in the town managers office. I asked for a meeting with him and the Secretary said she would call me back and give me a appointment, two weeks go by no call back, I call again no answer, (this has been frequent I noticed) I get another sec. To give her a message, next day dhe calls me and says I never got a call from YOU, Where does it stop? The Government is OURS, They work for us, What has happened? I have to now call the chairman of the selectmen, a guy who voluntarily works for the community and get a appointment with the town manager. I can tell you this, there are plenty of compentant people who have no employment and would be willing to be there and DO THE JOB RIGHT WITH INTEGRITY. We are looking forward speaking to our Town Manager and asking him what can be done to make the responsible party live up to the disgusting and disgraceful lack of judgement on his part.You work for us, you have somehow forgotten this and the well is dry and its not funny..Thankyou.
Stoughton Parent January 16, 2014 at 09:46 PM
The black helicopters are circling your house as we speak. The Chief's integrity is beyond reproach from you or anyone else. No one has any idea what you are rambling about.
Joe Gorman January 18, 2014 at 01:23 AM
Nice try again stoughton parent, remember look around when businesses that pay your salary and working people can't pay for the greed your sector has shown is getting WORSE by the month, than your job will be gone too, its a simple concept that alot of you can not get through your heads.Your DA instructed us to go to the real town manager we have now and he will take the proper necessary actions to get the responsible party Shastany, I won't call him the chief because I know how long he was at home ,screwing the working people of stoughton. George Jabour told us he was not surprised and to keep him up to date, he worked his butt of to get authority honest again and now he go's to the taxpayer to cover it up? I see the helicopters and I'm asking them to throw me a rope, YOU are out of your mind, I ramble on very well and I challenge you to post your real name, after all you are a stoughton taxpayer. Integrity has to be real not fabricated. WAKE UP , EDUCATE YOURSELF. ..


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