OASIS on the MOVE: What is We Are U-Knighted?

Find out what "We Are U-Knighted for a Healthy Stoughton" is all about.

The following is another column from OASIS (Organizing Against Substances In Stoughton), a coalition of representatives from: the Stoughton Youth Commission, Schools, Police, District Attorney’s Office, Juvenile Court, Chamber of Commerce, Local Clergy, as well as various agencies within the community.


Have you seen this sticker (posted in the media gallery)?

If you haven’t seen the “We Are U-Knighted for a Healthy Stoughton” stickers around town, keep your eyes peeled.  They may be coming soon to an organization or business near you!

But what is We Are U-Knighted?

Currently, in Stoughton, we have two large prevention coalitions. One is Organizing Against Substances in Stoughton (OASIS), founded in 2004, to address youth substance abuse. OASIS is hosted by the Stoughton Youth Commission. The other is Pioneering Healthy Communities (PHC), founded in 2011 to address local issues of nutrition and physical fitness. PHC is hosted by the Stoughton YMCA.

Both coalitions are comprised of local community members, organizations, and businesses working together to impact the health of Stoughton.  Both coalitions are focused on changing local policies and conditions to make healthy choices easier for Stoughton residents.  Both coalitions are committed to highlighting what is already going right in Stoughton, while simultaneously addressing local challenges. We are U-Knighted is what links it all together.

We are U-Knighted is a concept that is intended to bring the community together to help make it a healthier place for everyone. OASIS and PHC have been working on things like…bringing a farmer’s market to Stoughton to increase the availability of fresh, local fruits and vegetables; working with the Police Department to conduct compliance checks to make sure our local liquor stores continue not to sell alcohol to minors; hosting a Prescription Drug Take Back event on Hazardous Waste Day to get unused prescription drugs off the streets and prevent possible misuse and lots more!

As part of this effort we have been working with local businesses to help them earn a We Are U-Knighted badge! Local business and organizations that actively participate in OASIS or PHC either through coalition meeting attendance, donations of goods or services and/or committing to a healthy policy will be rewarded with a We are U-Knighted sticker to display proudly at their location.  In addition, We Are U-Knighted will be highlighting these businesses and organizations.

So, the next time you go into a business and see the decal on the door, give them a shout out for contributing to the health of Stoughton!

If you are interested in getting involved in either of the coalitions, earning a decal and/or the work of U-Knighting for a Healthy Stoughton, feel free to contact Stephanie Patton, OASIS Prevention Coordinator at 781-341-2252 x9456 or spatton@stoughton-ma.gov.  You can find We Are U-Knighted on Facebook at www.facebook.com/weareuknighted.



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