Management at Lodge of Stoughton Responds to Safety Concerns in Wake of Shooting

ABOUT TOWN EXTRA: A Monday afternoon shooting at the Technology Center Drive apartment complex raises safety questions.

About Town paid a visit to the management office at the Lodge at Stoughton apartment complex to ask about the number of there during the past couple of weeks.

Headlining these incidents was a on Monday, July 16, just after 12:30 p.m. The victim was shot in the lower back and was transported to Boston Medical Center.

A resident named Joe, a 24-year old who did not wish to disclose his last name, told reporters on Monday that police have been there on a daily basis. He also said he was going to move elsewhere.

Krissy Peppy, the Community Director at Lodge of Stoughton, said, "We're not speaking to any reporters." She gave me the number for their PR rep.

Christopher Van Erns, with UDR Investor Relations, told me that, "With the incident that happened yesterday, we're working with the police. They indicated there would be a report forthcoming. Resident safety is our top priority."

When asked about some of the individuals residing there, and the multiple reports of police presence, I also asked about their screening process. Van Erns replied, "We always do credit checks and background checks. It is not foolproof. I'm not aware of the incidents you talk about. If we see anything suspicious, we act upon it. The safety of our residents is our priority. We do what we can to make our residents feel safe."

I asked if he can truly bill the apartment complex as "luxury" with the number of incidents being reported. Van Erns said, "I really have no comment on that."

In addressing the issue of safety with reporters following , Stoughton Police Executive Officer Robert Devine said the shooting, "is not a random act of violence as far as we believe."

Stoughton Police Chief Paul Shastany said that incidents like what happened on Monday were why he requested a housing and senior citizen liaison in his budget for FY13.

"People don't know who to call for suspicious behavior at these complexes. I was going to have an officer directly involved, and they would have gotten to know the players. We wanted a single officer to be the contact."

But that position wasn't included in the budget. Shastany requested three resource officers, one for housing/senior issues and two for the schools. However, the FY13 budget funds two resource officer positions, both of which will be assigned to the schools.

But, Shastany adds, "People living in these complexes should feel free to contact police to report suspicious exchanges in their parking lots, people waiting for long periods in the lot, and loud arguments. We don't require identities when you offer us information."

"Knowledge helps us to maintain the public safety," the Chief said.

lisa shea August 13, 2012 at 01:43 PM
I live at this complex and it has been nothing but problems. I am counting the days until I get out of the lease. Beware.
mark May 04, 2013 at 01:06 AM
so far so good! 6 months and it has been excellent, the people living here have been pleasant and the staff very responsive!


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