LETTER: Thumbs Up for Civil War Remembrance Day Activities

As part of the Stoughton Reads Together Program, the Stoughton Public Library held a Civil War Remembrance Day in town on April 21.

Jean and I attended the "Stoughton Reads Together" at Faxon Park on 4/21/12. We wish to commend Pat Basler for the excellence of the entire program, from noontime till 5:00 o'clock. The people that attended, know how great it was, and the people that missed it, lost out on a great day for the Town of Stoughton. The Civil War era drill exhibitions were marvelous. The group "Dixon's Gold Band" sang songs from the Civil war era, they were great. Again I say thank you to Pat Basler for a great day.

~ Leo Mellyn


Editor’s Note - For photo and video highlights from the Civil War Remembrance Events, click on the following link:



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