LETTER: Big Loss in Stoughton Friday Night

A letter from Avon resident Candice Rowe, who has a grandson on the Stoughton High Football team.

The Black Knights lost a tough one [Friday] night, . But that wasn't the biggest loss. That came at the hands of the purported "supporters" of the team.

How about this: spilled over from the school and ate up halftime as girls in sleeveless dresses minced their way across the field in heels to the garbled announcer reading biographies that seemed to date back to birth.

One of the King and Queen's court was a Black Knight, held on the field interminably as the clock froze on zero and half time should have ended. The refs went to the locker room TWICE to fetch the team; which easily could have been slapped with a delay penalty. 

The Stoughton High band was fantastic--the best I have seen of any school band all season.  But, guys, "Sweet Caroline" when the team is down?  And when we're down to the final two minutes, no school's band should be playing "Hey!" giving the opponents the opportunity to dance on the sidelines.

And cheerleaders--could you watch the field and not cheer when it's the OTHER team scoring? 

Final insult: while the team--a great team this season, losing a couple games where the scores do not reflect the evenly-matched play with powerhouse teams--was in the locker room post-game, the HOME COMING dance was going on inside the school. 

Let's see, that gives the football players--correct me if I am wrong--who are the very reason for the Home Coming tradition--roughly 1/2 an hour to shower, change and enjoy the last few moments of that dance as it winds down at 10. 

Stoughton--a football game is about football and its players who have been working hard and playing in some pretty tough conditions.  Could we all maybe get behind that pretty simple concept and support a tough, talented Stoughton High team? 

~ Candice Rowe (Avon)


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