Help “Raise the Flag” in Stoughton

Join a fundraising effort to purchase a 30x60 Event Flag for Stoughton, so we no longer have to borrow this large American Flag from other towns and can display it (at our will) at events like the Veterans Day Parade or Memorial Day Parade.

Town Meeting Representatives were treated to a surprise upon entering Stoughton High School Monday evening [May 2, 2011] for the opening of this year’s Annual Town Meeting.

The Stoughton Fire Department’s newest edition to its fleet, Ladder 2, was on display, parked in the cafeteria side parking lot. A 40-foot American flag was waving from the ladder, gently blowing in the light breeze, creating a picturesque patriotic scene ().


Usually I am writing about a parenting issue or covering a school event or interviewing a town employee for a spotlight feature, but I wanted to share with you a fundraising effort my six-year-old daughter Isabella and I launched on entitled, Raise The Flag in Stoughton. 

The intent of “Raise the Flag” is to purchase a 30x60 Event Flag for our town, so we no longer have to borrow this large American Flag from other towns.  

This fundraiser began with my daughter’s unexpected display of patriotism at the held at the Freeman Street Fire Station.

Upon the completion of the memorial the Fire Chief Mark Dolloff asked if there was anyone from the community that would like to speak. Isabella, wide eyed, tugged at my sleeve.  She asked me if she could go sing her song.   

As I stood frozen in angst of her anticipated lyrics, she began singing the most beautiful three lines I have ever heard…

“I love my Country.  I love my freedom.  I love my flag and independence day!”

In my future conversations with Chief Dolloff, I inquired as to why the large American flag was not flown for the September 11 memorial event. 

To my dismay I learned that the majestic sight we enjoyed at such events like the , the and the this past 4th of July was in fact borrowed.

That’s right, the flag I had assumed was ours was actually on loan from the neighboring towns of Canton or Randolph. Luckily, Stoughton had been able to coordinate schedules for the previously mentioned events.  But, on poignant patriotic days such as September 11 or Veterans Day, these towns want to fly the flag in their own town (and rightfully so).

With this knowledge, my daughter and I have resolved to bring the community together and Raise the Flag in Stoughton.  It is our belief that any size flag is patriotic, however, such a large sign of patriotism is truly amazing! 

What’s even better is that Chief Dolloff agrees. “The Stoughton Fire Department would be proud to display this flag at annual civic events,” he said.

The hope is to purchase a 30x60 Event Flag for our town before Stoughton’s Memorial Day Parade in May 2012. 

As we know freedom is never cheap, nor is such a display of patriotism. 

This is where we need your help. While, I am currently determining the specifics of the flag with Chief Dolloff to solidify an exact cost, the estimated cost to Raise the Flag in Stoughton is approximately $2,000.

If we are fortunate enough to raise an overage of funds, any proceeds will be donated to Stoughton’s Department of Veterans Services.

After receiving the encouragement of the Board of Selectmen and Stoughton Police Chief Paul Shastany in addition to the Stoughton Fire Department, we are eagerly awaiting the breathtaking sight of Stoughton’s own flag displayed in the center of town this upcoming Memorial Day.

Both Isabella and I thank you in advance not only for your pride in America but also for your pride in Stoughton. 

For additional information or to make a donation, please feel free to contact me by phone at 339-237-0520 or via email at christine.iacobucci@gmail.com

Donations, made payable to “Raise the Flag,” can be forwarded to either myself (139 Chemung St., Stoughton, MA 02072) or directly to Randolph Savings Bank located at 87 Sharon Street, Stoughton, MA 02072 (Cobbs Corner location).  

~ Christine Iacobucci, Founder, Raise the Flag in Stoughton

Cheryl November 16, 2011 at 05:21 PM
WANTED: YOUR OLD AMERICAN FLAG Please consider sending all worn American flags to our Stars for our Troops program. Each one that touch the lives of 50 US Veterans or Soldiers even after their flying life is done! http://www.gettysburgflag.com/StarsForTroops-AmericanFlags.php
Christine Iacobucci November 17, 2011 at 03:36 AM
Thank you to the West School PTO for their donation to RAISE THE FLAG! There's is the first monetary donation we have received and we are sure it won't be the last. Thanks again West School Parents and Teachers!
Christine Iacobucci November 17, 2011 at 10:03 PM
I would also like to thank the Stoughton Chamber of Commerce for their donation to RAISE THE FLAG! Bella and I greatly appreciate your support...
Christine Iacobucci November 19, 2011 at 02:35 AM
WOW, a big thank you to Jonathan Adams, owner of Wizard Computer Services for his donation earlier today! His generosity is truly overwhelming!!
Christine Iacobucci November 26, 2011 at 01:35 AM
Thank you to everyone who mailed donations to Raise the Flag to my house! I got back from Thanksgiving travels overwhelmed by the town's generosity! I will post an updated total soon...


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